Low Carb Diets Do not Work


Low Carb diets do not work mostly because that type of diet is next to impossible to follow and stay with.

Shortly, you feel miserable and depleted (and you are) and lose energy and vitality. You become tired and hungry all of the time. You keep on focusing on the foods (carbs) that you can not have and it becomes a mind drain also. In addition, without all of the naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, you eventually get sick from this type of diet plan. It is very risky for your health. Do not do it.

Carbs are not the enemy. The wrong carbs are. Learn how to eat unlimited amount of good carbs, have more energy than ever before with out stimulants, and drop weight fast and keep it off. Eat natural whole foods, 4 to 5 times a day and lose weight and have the energy to do it.

The food you eat determines if you are fat or thin. Processed carbs are not nutritious and should be avoided as a staple in the diet. Natural carbs, fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily, 4 servings. Lean protein foods should be eaten as well with little or no deep fat fried foods. Make these changes and you can eat as much of these foods a day and lose weight to. Cheat one day a week so you can still eat some junk food we all love so much in America. Just do not eat it every day. Limit your consumption of these foods and you will lead a happier and healthier life.


Source by Dan Burke

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