Green Chicken with Nom Nom Paleo

Green chicken sounds like something that would make you queasy, but on the contrary, its a delicious dish crafted by Nom Nom Paleo creator Michelle Tam and her sister. In this episode of How-To, learn how to make her tasty recipe, which slathers meaty chicken drumsticks in a flavorful—but, yes, verdant—combination of cilantro, basil, and fish sauce. Throw this one on the grill at an upcoming BBQ and tell your guests that they can eat without fear.

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35 Replies to “Green Chicken with Nom Nom Paleo”

  1. Dashawn Merriweather

    Yes the fish sauce ranked but them cane out great. Great recipe.. This helped me so much its been hard since I began my paleo journey due to thyroid illness. But I'm looking forward to healthier days through this new lifestyle of eating.

  2. Steven I

    The kid is like…."I don't eat off the bone"…….are you kidding me…..what a spoiled ass kid….haha….like wtf….eating off the bone is the best part of eating chicken!!!

  3. Tae Wan Kim

    wait how is this paleo if she's using apple juice and fish sauce. did cavemen have the ability to grind up fish juice and concentrate in to sauce form? same question goes for apple juice. please some ONE PLEASE TELL ME

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