AHS16 – Nora Gedgaudas – Is There One Universally Foundational Human Diet?

Is There One Truly Optimal, Universally Foundational Human Diet: Bio-individuality as a Secondary and not a Primary Issue
Nora Gedgaudas


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  1. Angela Robey

    Excellent video! Everything she's saying here re diet, is right on. There's only one thing I would add, that she's missing, and that is NOT TO COOK the food ..which is why I think Nora appears physically heavy and tired, rather than light and energetic. There's a healthy heavy, as when raw Primal Dieters intentionally consume extra raw meat and fat, to gain weight which they then intentionally lose in order to cleanse toxins — fat binds with toxins. But based on the amount of extra weight she has put on, and the voice, I'd say this is from eating her food cooked.

  2. colonyofcells del machine

    Indigenous diets varied a lot and it is probably not wise to rely on just one guy's opinion about the inuit diet being the best in the whole planet. Weston Price probably only visited a small fraction of the indigenous groups on the planet. Our current increasing pollution and increasing radiation in the environment makes it hard to defend the traditional inuit diet as the best diet on the planet.

  3. presjo

    So these cultures consumed bread and grains? yet her and others go on and ON about the "dangers" of carbohydrates, and basically tell me if i eat starch I'm going to live a crappy life?

    I am a bit bewildered that the "Blue Zones" typically consume quite high carbohydrates and suffer no apparent detriment, are the longest lived, and not "metabolically compromised" as Nora suggests?
    But for the record, I do advocate and personally follow a high-fat, high-vege diet.
    Tired of the carb nazi's who absolutely refuse to consider carbs in anyone's diet

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