Sweet Potatoes – The Low-Carb Wonder Food


Sweet potatoes have always been a healthy choice to make when you are looking for that extra addition to your meal. However, there are many who do not understand that sweet potatoes are low in carbohydrates. These have been called the low-carb wonder food for a while now. Whether or not you have diabetes, sweet potatoes help your body in many ways. One way they help your body is through the low carbohydrates.

On thing to be aware of sweet potatoes is that there is sugar added to the canned sweat potatoes sometimes. Be sure to watch out for such additions. This could make you go over the low carbohydrates and not be at all healthy for you to eat. A normal sweet potato has about 28 carbohydrates. With added sugar this could spike more. Sweet potatoes are the low-carb wonder food because of the other benefits which it offers.

Another benefit that this vegetable can offer to your eating habits is that they contain more fiber. Fiber in your eating is very important. If there is no fiber in you diet, there is no nutrition. This healthy vegetable has the fiber content which is required for a well balanced diet. For diabetics, this category of food is very healthy to contribute in the diabetic diet. Having a well portioned meal with a good deal of fiber can increase your chances of losing the excess weight.

Sweet potatoes are the low-carb wonder food. With the carbohydrate count of 28 and the amount of fiber with is found in one sweet potato, there is no wonder why this is how they made their way to the interesting topic of health. There are many benefits in eating this vegetable. With the fiber content helping in weight loss and healthy living, they help you live a happier and healthier life. Enjoy the healthy meal and always remember to watch your health. This is the best you can do to improve the way your body feels.


Source by Barry Lycka

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