Passionate About PALEO!

Please check out the Passionately Paleo channel for yummy and healthy recipes! —

(Specific recipes seen in this video listed at bottom of description.)

Welcome to South House TV family vlogs!

In this episode, we get to spend time with a bunch of our AMAZING family in Texas!

Our awesome sister, Grace, from Passionately Paleo, cooks us an incredibly healthy, delicious, gluten free, paleo meal! Yay for yummy and nutritious foods!

“Uncle Patrick” checks out an awesome backhoe with Axel and Brooks. We can never get enough of our construction trucks! LOL. ­čśë

We all get to see Uncle Boone (woohoo!), and he FINALLY introduces his beautiful lady love, Jessica! We decide Axel needs to go with them to Ireland. 😂

Sister / Aunt Sarah goes into a maniacal laughing fit with Patrick. And we give her a back rub, you know, since she’s pregnant and all. It’s just what we do in this family. It’s a tradition. 😂

Thanks for watching, everyone! And don’t forget to check out Grace’s Passionately Paleo channel if you are interested in healthy eating and simple cooking! :))


(Brussels Sprouts):
(Sweet Potatos):


4 Replies to “Passionate About PALEO!”

  1. Steve Ekman

    Awwwww – you guys finally got to see uncle Boone! Yay! Patrick, don't let them give you any guff about your laugh. LAUGH AWAY!!!!! Folks just don't laugh enough anymore! Thank you guys again for all that you do, and sharing with us! Keep it up!!!! Looking forward to more recipes and info about your eating habits and the whole back story.´╗┐

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