PALEO DIET: my experience and opinion


What is Paleo: 00:13.7
-what is eaten in a Paleo diet: 00:30.9

My experience on Paleo: 1:02
-how and why I went Paleo: 1:03
-how I felt on Paleo: 3:01

My opinion/thoughts about Paleo: 4:05
– Thought 1 (carbs/ketosis): 4:09
– Thought 2 (meat): 7:06
– Organic industry article: 9:09

Organic food article:–-what-‘organic’-label-really-worth

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29 Replies to “PALEO DIET: my experience and opinion”

  1. Lesyk Konecky

    Plus we don't need to eat meat all day, protein is the goal. Two servings of protein a day is best, best proteins are wild fish and eggs! Cuz cholesterol isn't nearly as bad when your body is a fat burning machine when in mitosis.

  2. Lesyk Konecky

    Wow, Google caveman doctor, so much if what you said is wrong. Our bodies needs and how we produce certain things change depending on what we eat. Plus we can live without and with a lot more things. And paleo people who live healthy lives will tend to feel more awake and energetic while also being able to fall asleep better.

  3. klew boss

    ugh, she doesn't know what paleo is… it's not always literal caveman eating. it's about the quality of food you eat, and generally work better if you're more plant based… you're not supposed to just eat fruit all day and shove nuts in your face… so wrong…. she obviously was young and didn't research enough about the paleo lifestyle…. so wrong…

  4. Nikki C

    I appreciate ur video but ur incorrect about ketoacidosis. u CAN NOT enter DKA unless u r a diabetic. A diabetic should no partake in a low carb / ketosis diet because of the risk of DKA. However a non diabetic CAN NOT enter DKA.

  5. Pete Farrow

    OK, quite a few errors with your info here, I'll try to go through in order.
    Crazy cravings of any kind what so ever only means one thing, an unnatural addiction. (sugar in this case) What did people who didn't have supermarkets or stores ever do in winter?
    Binge eating, sluggish, brain fog…. classic withdrawal.
    Paleo isn't a low carb diet, it only limits types of carbs, not the amount, it encourages lots of green leafy vegetables (high amounts of any vegetables and even a small amount of fruit should give anyone plenty of carbs).
    Protein in high amounts turns to glucose by a process called gluconeogenesis, if you were low on glucose from eating lots of vegetables and a reasonable amount of protein there is something seriously wrong with your physiology! (you don't need carbs to be complex to get glucose, ALL carbs break down to glucose apart from insoluble fibre).
    Your theory on ketosis is way way off for several reasons but I'll point out the two most obvious ones.
    1, The ketogenic diet is super high fat, very low carb and moderate to low protein. Paleo is far too high in both protein and carbs to be ketogenic (That's the ketogenic diet).
    2, Ketoacidosis is physically impossible in less you have type one diabetes, nutritional ketosis means ketone levels are between 0.5 and 5.0 mmol, at this point, a non type one diabetes human being with make its own glucose (because glucose is a non essential macro nutrient) and insulin will rise to keep the body in check. Ketoacidosis starts at around 15 mmol, some say 10 mmol. ….which is still double what the body will alow in healthy individuals.
    I will agree with you on meat quality however. Organic or not, not many animals have evolved to eat grains in high amounts and never eat store bought meat, if you can't see the animals in their natural habitat, don't buy it.

  6. asAlwaysAriel

    OMG!!! I used to eat bags full of nuts!! like exactly how you described – shoveling them in my mouth! and still wouldn't feel satisfied. I went paleo a few years ago, more specifically I started following the Dukan diet. I dropped to my lowest weight but was probably the most miserable I've ever felt internally (constantly cold, no energy, no motivation). I began to fear any food that wasn't meat so it wasn't a healthy mindset. I've slowly come off of the diet and feel a lot better.

  7. Sketches ForYou

    After 6 minutes into this I had to stop – This girl clearly hasn’t done her research and completely
    clueless.  Totally misses the point about the benefits, consumption, variety, balance,  fresh clean living etc.
    Fair enough, it’s great to share an experience but having over 87000 followers is a real shame as her approach to completing a Paleo lifestyle is misleading . I hope everyone has the common sense not to be influenced by this.  
    Maybe in the next 6 minutes – she redeems herself (highly unlikely!!)- I can’t bring myself to watch the

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