Never Get Food Poisoning


Memorial Day marks the beginning of backyard BBQ, potluck and picnic season. With these activities, food safety takes on new complexities and, because our immune systems are not what they should be, food poisoning is a very real danger.

Now, before I get into the immune system, let's go over a few tips outlined by Dr. Oz for food safety in the summer.

  • Allocate separate color-coded cutting boards for meat, salads, etc.
  • Practice LIFO: Last In, First Out. Pack your cooler with what you're going to eat first on top.
  • Bury your cooler or lunch bag part-way in the sand (at the beach) and shade it with an umbrella.
  • Use a meat thermometer with a sensor at the tip so you get an accurate reading inside the meat.
  • Cook beef to 160 degrees; cook chicken to at least 165 degrees until juices run clear.

In reality, if our immune systems were as strong as they should be, we would never get food poisoning. Unfortunately, our modern life exposes us to a constant bombardment of toxins and stress and our food is sorely lacking in the nutrients we need. So, our bodies just are not up to the challenge of fending off Staphylococcus, E.Coli or Salmonella but we can help turn that situation around.

We all know that young children and the elderly are the most at risk when it comes to bacterial infections but did you ever think about why that is the case? A child is born without immunities. Immunities must be acquired. So, keeping your child super-clean, is actually doing more harm than good. The sooner they are exposed to everyday germs, the sooner their immune systems will be able to do the job it was designed to do. The immune systems of the elderly are simply overwhelmed (too many attacks and not enough assistance).

So, the best way to never get food poisoning is to help the immune system get strong and stay strong. This process actually begins before a child is even conceived. Parental health before, during and after a child is born has a direct affect on the health of the child. The healthier the parents are, the healthier the child will be.

Proper nutrition (locally grown, organic, in-season foods for your ancestral type and very little to no processed food), low body fat (fat affects hormonal balance and stores toxins), regular exercise (to strengthen the bones, maintain muscle tone, boost metabolism and expel toxins), exposure to midday sunlight (to produce endorphins, serotonin and Vitamin D, which control 2000-3000 of the body's genes), clean water (for proper hydration and detoxification), clean air (pollution that can and can 't be seen adds a tremendous strain on our systems), no antibacterials or antiseptics (they weaken our immune systems and create superbugs), no drugs (prescription or OTC, which only treat symptoms, prevent the immune system from doing its job and add toxic stress to the body), and no obvious negatives (smoking, too much alcohol, illegal drugs, etc.), will all help to get and keep you healthy and happy for a very long time.

Because most humans want an easy way to do things, you can also drink a juice called (M), to stimulate your immune system. In our processed and antiseptic world, yeasts have been all but eliminated from our food supply. It turns out that these yeasts are keys that turn our immune system engine on. So, while you're doing all of the other things you should be doing to get and stay healthy, drinking this juice is a quick way to rev up your immune system.

Here's wishing you never get food poisoning and, as always, I hope you found this article thought-provoking and helpful.


Source by Jeff Cordeiro

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