Low Carb Diets – Do They Work?


If you are only starting out, the low carb or "no" carb diet is not safe for you to jump onto. Initially, you will probably lose a few pounds, but ultimately it is never a good idea to deprive your body of something so vital.

Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

You have to distinguish between the two kinds of carbohydrates. The carbs that you get from fresh veggies, fresh fruits and whole grains are classified as complex carbohydrates. Your body needs complex carbs to maintain itself.

Then we also get simple carbs that we get from processed foods, corn syrups, white breads, pasta, etc.
These are the kind of carbs most people should cut down on if they want to lose weight

Your body depends on complex carbohydrates for energy and if you restrict your intake of good carbs, you are basically depriving your body of the energy it needs to function properly.

The difference between the carbs is the time it takes your body to digest them. In contrast to simpler carbs, complex carbohydrates takes longer to be digested and this naturally helps to boost your body's metabolism. This will leave you with more energy that also processes and burns calories faster.

However, simple carbohydrates which are found in junk foods are responsible for most people gaining weight. They are considered to be fast acting carbs, since they quickly turn into fat cells, that are difficult to eliminate from the body.

Although simple carbs can give you a sudden surge of energy, it will not last very long since it's being digested quickly. You will feel hungrier much faster, than would be the case if you were eating proteins or complex carbohydrates.

Cut Out The Right Kind Of Carbs

Substituting simple carbohydrates for the more complex variety would be a much better strategy to lose weight. Rather eat brown rice instead of white processed rice. Swap out white bread for whole grain breads.

Eat fresh fruits and veggies instead of the canned varieties. The majority of complex carbs are high in nutrient value and you will feel more satisfied for longer.

Your body really can not "survive" without complex carbohydrates. However, it is those simple carbs, your body can do without.


Source by Roland Du Preez

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