Fat Bomb Pasta | Low Carb Pasta Recipe Video | How to Cook Shirataki Noodles | Keto Meals

Recipe: http://ketoconnect.net/recipe/low-carb-pasta/
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Tofu Noodles: http://amzn.to/2id5Cbs
Miracle Noodles: http://amzn.to/2izmyJK
**Both varieties of noodles are good. We slightly prefer the tofu variety, but if you’re ordering online the Miracle Noodles are the better deal and they offer a pretty cool variety pack for a good price!

Fat Bomb Pasta | Low Carb Pasta Recipe Video | How to Cook Shirataki Noodles | Keto Meals

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We’ve been wanting to let you guys in on our secret for preparing shirataki noodles for a long time now, and that time has finally come! We got fat bomb pasta on the menu today! This low carb pasta recipe is low carb, moderate protein and super high fat! Perfect for those of you that have trouble getting all your fat in. This is one of our favorite low carb pasta recipes, but we’ll probably have a few more in the future!

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16 Replies to “Fat Bomb Pasta | Low Carb Pasta Recipe Video | How to Cook Shirataki Noodles | Keto Meals”

  1. Jen Long

    Looks awesome!!! I'll be making this as well! So, you didn't rinse the noodles beforehand? I believe I did last time I used them, although, maybe those were the other ones we used that had a strong smell to them.. ?

  2. Valerie Hanson

    This is the method I used to use for shirataki then I discovered kelp noodles and fell in love. For those that still don't like shirataki with this method, try the kelp noodles, they are are a game changer.

  3. Lauren Lambert

    I'm literally going to make this tonight! My husband and I started Keto on Dec 28th. We are both trying to loose 100lbs! Your videos have helped us so much already. Lots of Love from Denver, CO!

  4. Hayden Baker

    Hey guys, this sauce is great! may i recommend trying this as a mushroom sauce, goes perfectly over chicken and bacon. basically the same process just cook down some mushrooms in some butter. add garlic, chicken stock and cream, garnish with some spring onions, amazing!

  5. Laura Arreola

    No better way to eat the shirataki noodles than covering them in CHEESE!!! I like to use the "rice" shape and make a cheddar cheese sauce with kale or spinach added in! Love the idea of baking it!!

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