Causes of Anxiety and Depression Can Be Medical Or Biological


Anxiety is just an emotion which signifies a state of fear or apprehension in anticipation of some threat or danger, most of the times this threat is unreal and is due to some deep rooted psychological reason of past. Though almost all of us experience this at some point in our lives but in some cases this condition is aggravated and can cause anxiety and panic attacks which can lead to serious distress and discomfort.

Sometimes we tend to relate our past experiences in maladaptive ways and consider our past experiences as benchmarks for all similar future situations. As a result our responses to similar situations become generalized even though future situations may be drastically different. At the very root level it is our internal emotional instincts or whims that conflict with each other resulting in anxiety and distress. Whenever we anticipate a threat our brain sends signals to our nervous system. As result whole body mechanism gets busy to calm down our body and prepare body for the possible assault.

Causes of anxiety could be medical, biological or even genetic. It is now scientifically confirmed that more that 50% of people develop anxiety disorder that has some ancestral history of anxiety in their families. Inheritance genes are found to play significant role in determining who is going to get anxiety disorders. Some medical conditions like tumors, neurological disorders and heart diseases also found to cause anxiety disorders. Studies also reveal that Imbalances in brain chemicals like Serotonin and norepinephrine can also aggravate anxiety disorders.

Every individual encounters situations daily which causes anxiety. The exact causes which initiate anxiety can be different in different people. A teenager may be afraid of his exams. A professional has to confront with his clients daily for several problems. Women go through several anxious moments during pregnancy and in bringing up their children. When these small moments of anxiousness start getting persistent and severe it starts showing up different anxiety disorder symptoms.

It is also found that people suffering with vitamin B deficiency are also prone to get affected with anxiety disorders. Vitamin B deficiency allows adrenalin to kick in. Different phobias found in people like fear from heights, fear from insects, fear from crowd etc is also supposed to aggravate anxiety disorders.

For any kind of anxiety problems you are strongly advised to consult your registered practicing doctors and try to find out exact causes for your anxiety disorders. There are several good treatments available now which can cure all anxiety disorders completely.


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