5 Replies to “Best Easy New Year Diet Low Carb Ketogenic for 2017 (Eric Westman – page 4 included)”

  1. Gregory Hall

    Hi Dr Westman great video. I'm a "carber" right now, but I would like to try the keto. I'm not grossly overweight or anything or obese . I'm 212, and 6'1. But I would like to burn my excess fat in an efficient manner, and get down to 185 or 190lbs. Do you think this is possible. Another thing how do I get these instructions?

  2. GGK Outdoors

    Ok I've been on lchf diet for a while for health as much as wieght loss and the reason you lose weight is NOT because you eat less please stop telling them that I eat a shit ton of food and still lose. Like 2-3 lbs of meat a day

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