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  1. Clownsatthecemetery

    Took me a while too. i cut out all my junk food. Cut out my carbs. Ate whole eggs, butter, cheese, steak, hamburger meat, chicken…. low sugar ketchup… water…..took me a while to adapt but i run on less than 15 carbs per day…..i used to take in 600 carbs a day. (tons of junk)

  2. Workout Clips TV

    I need help man, I'm almost 270 pounds and can't seem to lose any weight, I can burn some fat and get a little leaner than about 16% bf but I can't get lower than that. I need some help on a actual diet, like you give me what to go buy and I'll go get it eat it and learn from there but please point me in the right direction from the start. I'm almost 270 and I don't feel like I have the time to mess up

  3. Varun Taneja

    Amazing info mate, it's because of you, I did my first keto diet about 3 months back… even I was thinking of carb cycling for the winters but now I think I got the answer…Regards

  4. Simply Sookie

    How much protein is moderate? I weight about 145 pounds so i try to hit 145 gr of protein. Im a 16 year old girl. What ya think? Also. Im getting depressed from the idea of eating keto. I hate meats fish cheese (unless put on a pizza ;D). Ive been low carb now for a three days (today the forth). And does being keto mean i cant have brownies and bananas anymore Cause a cheat day will get you out of ketosis right?

  5. D. Blaze

    GREAT VIDEOS, Im all about this diet now, but what is your modified keto diet consist of? Im still looking up Keto diets and getting over the eating fat part.

  6. Simeon NVP

    Great Video! The ketogenic Diet definitely has it merits – it still is inferior to intermittent fasting + eating high carbs daily, you can still be shredded year round and you get your carbs = Perfect!

  7. Will Art

    What is the number on carbs? And does this number apply for everyone? I have started this week under 30 carbs and feel kind of weird not tired or hungry. Please help.

  8. ian ray

    great video but what are your blood ketone numbers while introducing carbs every 2 week ? i only ask coz im wondering do you ever reach optimal ketosis with numbers of 1.5 – 3.0 ?

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