The English Pointer – The Perfect Pet?


Deriving their name from their ability to point out game to hunters, the English Pointer was specifically bred for its innate qualities. There are a variety of breeds used in hunting, but the English Pointer was known for finding game, stopping, and pointing it out by use of its muzzle. The hunter would then know where to shoot his target and the hunter and English Pointer would go about their day, happy with their bounty.

It is believed that during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the English Pointer was carefully and selectively bred from four other breeds. These are the Bull Terrier, the Foxhound, the Greyhound, and the Bloodhound. Today, the English Pointer is a wonderful breed that captivates all of the best qualities of its ancestral heritage.

Sleek, graceful, and athletic the English Pointer comes in a variety of colors. These color range from liver to orange and you can find English Pointers with a number of varying patterns on their coats. They may also be lemon (shades of yellow commonly used to describe dogs) as well as black and chocolate brown. The various patterns on their coats are known as ticking and may range from small spots to large areas.

Some of the inbred traits of these hunting or gun dogs also make them excellent pets. They are very good natured, docile, and pleasant pets and seek lots of attention as well as affection. The English Pointer is also very gentle and a good dog to choose if you have other pets or children. They are not overtly territorial therefore they make adjustments easily. They are also happiest when included in the family and allowed to live indoors.

Finally, it is important to realize that since the English Pointer is originally a hunting dog, they require plenty of vigorous exercise. They love to run, gallop, and enjoy the great outdoors. They are great pets provided you give them ample attention, plenty of exercise, and freedom to play vigorously. Problems will arise if you keep them confined without adequate exercise. If you are planning on owning an English Pointer, be prepared to encourage him or her with plenty of daily activities and you will be rewarded with a loyal and trustworthy companion.


Source by Gabriel J. Adams

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