Start Snacking The Healthy Paleo Way And Change Your Life


It is no secret that eating junk food and unhealthy snacks throughout the day, can curb the success of any healthy diet. The fact that many people snack often amplifies this negative effect. Most Americans reach for a snack between 3 – 5 times daily. Depending on what those snacks are you can help or hurt your overall success with your dietary goals or weight loss plan. Learning how to make smarter decisions in these “snack attack” times, will help ensure your goals are met and your craving are satisfied.

Is Snacking Bad For Me?

No, it certainly isn’t. Most people have times through the day where they need extra energy, they need to make it to the next meal but can’t leave their workplace or simply did not have enough to eat at a previous meal time. Snacking often can actually help your metabolism and help your body naturally burn more calories on autopilot. This in mind, snacking is a great idea if you choose what foods you snack on wisely.

What Should I Be Snacking On?

This is a good question, but a better question is, “What should I not be snacking on?” This is where most people run into trouble. Reaching for chips, candy or other common snacks is generally where people go wrong. The snacks that get the most promotion and advertising are the exact ones you don’t need to eat. Think about it, these companies are paying millions of dollars to make an impression on you to be sure you will think about their brand when you are looking for something tasty. After all carrots, nuts and berries don’t need advertised, as they are just good for you, it really should be a no brainer, but it’s not.

How To Divert Your Hands To Healthy Snacks

This is really easy to do. Most people never really think about why they keep running to the pantry for potato chips, but the answer is “Because They Are There”. I know that is probably not the answer and yes you can call me Captain Obvious, but it is the simple truth. If you replace all the harmful, unhealthy snacks in your home, with ones that rejuvenate and give you energy, these will be the ones that you will come to when you need an afternoon boost.

It just take a little bit of house cleaning to make sure your future snacking habits are better than your previous ones. In fact, most people will never miss the old junk food as long as there is something tasty and healthy to replace it.


Source by Michael P Anderson

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