Most Popular Havanese Mixes


When you decide to add a new puppy to your family, there are plenty of choices that you will need to make. One of the hardest choices will be to decide what type of breed you want to look at. For some, a purebred dog is the only way to go. With purebred dogs that come from good ancestral lines, you have a reasonable idea of ​​size, appearance and temperament of your adult dog. On the other hand, a mixed breed dog can keep you guessing until adulthood is reached.

One of the popular hybrids today is a Havanese mix. Havanese mixes can be crossed with a number of different breeds, many of which are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club. When cross-breeding is done correctly, the result can be a dog that is less prone to genetic defects and illnesses, and combines the best characteristics from two different breeds to give you the best family pet possible.

When you begin researching the Havanese mixes that are available through breeders, you may be surprised to find the number of crossbreeds that are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club. Registration through this organization will give dog owners peace of mind in knowing where their dog came from in terms of the lineages of both parents. Without that knowledge, your "designer dog" becomes a plain old mutt that can be a mix of many different breeds.

Some of the more popular Havanese mixes that are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club include the Havanese and Lhasa Apso mix (Hava-Apso), the Havanese and Shih Tzu mix (Havashu) and the Havanese and Yorkshire Terrier combination (Havashire). While getting a puppy of one of these mixes can have its advantages, keep in mind that you will not really know exactly what type of dog you are getting until that pet becomes full-grown. For example, a Hava-Apso may have the feisty temperament of a Lhasa Apso, or the milder manner of a Havanese. There is no way to predict which one you will get.

A Havanese mix breed can bring years of enjoyment and companionship to everyone in your family. There are many advantages to these designer dogs today, including the lower risk of genetic problems that will typically follow a line of purebred dogs. However, there are factors to watch out for with your Havanese mix as well. First, you can not predict precisely which breed will be the dominant one in your dog's health and temperament.

For this reason, it is a good idea to research both breeds quite thoroughly so that you are prepared for the type of dog that you end up with. It is also important to exercise caution when you are searching for a breeder of your Havanese mix, to ensure that you will be able to accurately trace the lineage of your dog. This way, you will know for sure that your pet is the combination of two distinct and pure breeds.


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