How to Treat Multiple Scleroisis with Diet

This DVD was filmed in Boulder, Colorado on October 13, 2008 and represents the 60-minute Power Point presentation Dr. Cordain made to the Colorado Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The title of his presentation is: Potential Therapeutic Characteristics of Pre-agricultural Diets in the Prevention and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. In this presentation, Dr. Cordain first outlines the general nutritional characteristics of ancestral human diets that were consumed by all of the world’s population (hunter-gatherers) before the development of agriculture 10,000 years ago. He further explains how the normal Western diet varies from the nutritional characteristics of hunter-gatherer diets and how these differences may promote disease. Dr. Cordain then goes on to explain how certain staple elements in the Western diet may promote the development of many autoimmune diseases (including multiple sclerosis) in genetically susceptible people. Central to this theory are common dietary elements that increase intestinal permeability and allow passage of intact gut antigens (peptides and proteins) past the intestinal barrier. Once these antigens breech the gut, they may interact with certain elements of the immune system in a process called molecular mimicry to trigger autoimmunity. Dr. Cordain explains how vaccines deliberately up-regulate the immune response against foreign pathogens, whereas autoimmune diseases, from a functional perspective, represent an unintentional vaccination directed at the body’s own tissues. Finally, Dr. Cordain demonstrates how common foods contain powerful adjuvants (stimulators) of the immune response that are frequently employed in animal vaccines, but which we unknowingly ingest on a daily basis.


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