How Do You Get Your Guy to Love You Even More? Creating an Emotional Connection Fast


Have you ever found a guy that you just seem to hit it off with so well that you find yourself wondering how you can get him to love you even more? Most women have experienced that dilemma at least once in their lives, and found themselves trying to create an emotional connection as rapidly as possible. Unfortunately, most attempts to get a guy to love you more usually end in disaster. The man either ends up feeling trapped, smothered, or confused, because women seldom take the time to examine how their efforts are perceived by the men in their lives.

Still, you can create an emotional connection fast and get your guy to love you even more than he already does if you understand how men think. The first thing to understand is that men really do have a need to be the hunter in any relationship. Perhaps it is an instinct born of common ancestral memory, but almost all men need to believe that they have at least some control over the relationship. They want to be in pursuit of their chosen woman! Overt attempts to create an emotional connection fail precisely because they turn that need on its head and make the man feel as though he has gone from hunter to prey.

Because of that, the easiest way to create an emotional connection fast without threatening your man's ego and natural instincts is to allow him to play that hunter role. Does that mean you have to sit back and hope and pray that he will pursue you? Absolutely not! The key rests in something women of past generations understood all too well, but which modern women seem to have forgotten: play hard to get, but not so well that the guy gives up. Finding the right balance between being interested and being obsessed is not an easy thing to do, but it will help you to create an emotional connection with the man you desire.

Another really important tip is to avoid competing with your man. Too many women make the mistake of trying to "one-up" the man they are with because they are too focused on all that they have been taught about men and women being "the same". It's a lie! The fact is that men and women are not the same – they are equal. Men do not want a woman who is exactly like them – they usually have more than their share of male friends who fit that bill.

To create an emotional connection between you and your man, it is important that you strive to complement his role in the relationship, rather than struggle with him for power or control. Most women who are in successful relationships know that to get your guy to love you even more, it is important to strike the right balance between friend, lover, and confidant. If you can accomplish that task, you will be well on your way to creating an emotional connection that lasts.


Source by G. Crandall

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