Hair Loss in Young Women


Hair loss in young women is a serious affliction which is generally caused by specific external and internal issues.

Taking heavy prescription medications has been known to create significant hair thinning and loss in both men and women. If you are taking daily doses of one or more prescription medications you should mention to your physician that you are losing hair. There may be alternative medicines you can take which will not have the same side effect.

Birth control pills also create hair loss in young women. Some of the serious side effects caused by taking birth control pills every day include anxiety, fatigue, bloating, acne and balding or thinning areas on your scalp. Again, talking to your physician about the side effects you are experiencing from taking your birth control pills each day, may allow you the opportunity to find other methods to prevent yourself from becoming pregnant.

Sometimes hair loss in young women is created by ancestral genetics. Though it may not be evident in your immediate family, or found in your grandparents, you may have a genetic history of balding and thinning hair in your family.

Many times genetic predispositions can jump a few generations before it shows up again. If this does not seem immediately possible, talk to your family members to see if there’s any memory of baldness in your family history, especially in the ancestral women in your family.

One of the biggest factors or causes of hair loss in young women is the feeling of depression. Increase stress levels in relationships, financial situations or even the workplace can sometimes have profound effects on young women that are experiencing depression. Finding natural ways of decreasing stress and anxieties, such as exercises, yoga class or seeking out special interest outside your stressful areas can be a great way of eliminating depression and loss of hair.

Pregnancy, childbirth and early menopause are all-natural occurrences that can create hair loss in young women. Hair loss can present itself early in life because estrogen levels fluctuate so greatly when pregnant and giving birth, along with starting early menopause early in life. Generally, women that experience hair loss during and after pregnancy and childbirth have their hair restorative its natural volume once their hormones have balanced.

Environmental conditions such as water pollution and air pollution is another direct cause of hair loss in young women. Being exposed to natural pollutions, dust and sunlight can greatly damage the skin on your scalp causing your hair to fall out. Staying away from environmental pollutions and keeping your scalp out of direct sunlight are two ways to improve hair rejuvenation on the damaged skin on your scalp.

Eating a healthy diet, taking natural herbal supplements and reducing the stress levels in your life are great ways to improve hair rejuvenation. Living with the symptoms of hair loss in young women is not something that you need to experience by following these simple guidelines and living a healthier life, free of stress.


Source by Michael D. Phillips

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