Dog Crate 101 – What Type of Crates Are Available to Me?


Even in today's technologically advanced day and age, it is our pets that have some of the strongest ties to the past. Dogs, especially today have very strong ties to their ancestral living conditions and more often than not will feel most comfortable when they can reside in a small, dark and cozy area.

Have you ever wondered why during a thunderstorm or howling windy conditions that your dog will run and hide under your bed? It's because the underneath of your bed represent a nice dark, cozy hole that your dog can feel most comfortable within.

But what does this have to do with dog crates you may ask? The answer is that it has everything to do with dog crates! By purchasing a crate and teaching your dog to use the crate and feel comfortable within it, you are providing your pet with a safe, secure and comfortable home within your home that he can call his own. This will make those distressing times in your dogs life like when there is a thunderstorm or if you have to leave for work all day, a thousand times less stressful, which in turn will reduce headaches for you and your pet.

What is a Dog Crate?

A dog crate is virtually a portable dog den that is placed within your home and is a safe sanctuary for your dog to reside within whilst you are away. The crate is specifically designed to be only a little larger than your dog in order for him or her to feel comfortable and secure within its own special area.

If you really think about it, providing your pet dog with a crate to call its own makes perfect sense. Every member of your own family has a room that they can retreat to for peace, quiet and relaxation time. You should consider a crate as your dogs own bedroom, an area where they can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of everything that is going on in the house, and feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Using a crate gives you, the pet owner, great flexibility over the security, safety, protection and house training of your dog.

What Type of Crates are Available?

Crates come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit every type of dog and home circumstance. Depending on whether you wish to travel lots with your pet, or if you want to combine your dogs crate into your existing household decor there will definitely be a crate that suits your needs.

The most common types of dog crates and their uses include:

  • Plastic – Very versatile all round crates for use in the house and when traveling
  • Folding – For use in temporary situation like in a park or at a dog show, can easily be folded and stored when not in use
  • Wicker – Wicker crates are much more stylish than regular crates and can be more cohesive within your households decor. They can also protect your dog from the elements.
  • Wooden – Some of the more expensive crates that can be used as pieces of furniture as well as a dog crate

This is not an exhaustive list and there are several other types of crates that may suit your own individual needs. For example airline and travel crates, car crates and metal dog crates.

More Information About Crates

Purchasing a dog crate and training your dog to use it will be one of the shrewdest investments you will ever make. The relationship you build with your dog through giving him a place to feel comfortable and secure will be built on mutual trust and respect and will form a bond that will last an entire lifetime.


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