A Comprehensive List of Those Loveable "Large Breed" Dogs!


Selective breeding of dogs has been going on for many centuries. Sometimes, breeding is done with dogs from the same ancestral lines, other times it is with a mixture of dogs from different lines. All this has resulted in a large variety of dog breeds.

Large breed dogs love to play a lot, they also enjoy being groomed and they are quite fond of outdoor exercise. They usually tend to be active in terms of their willingness to be outdoors as frequently as possible. Naturally, they need a large amount of personal space and would feel cramped in a small one-room apartment. Wide, outdoor spaces are essential for the overall development of a large breed dog. Plus, they demand more tolerance from humans because their size and strength makes it easier for them to destroy delicate pieces of furniture or other objects in a household.

People opting for large breed dogs must consider all the above carefully.The advantages are that large breed dogs are good for children as they have a better sociable temper and are more playful and kind. Large breed dogs are also easier to service train and can serve as assistants to handicapped and blind people. Their size and strength make the large breed dog an ideal choice for these tasks.

Large breed dogs require more budget outlay than the smaller breeds. They need more room, more food, bigger toys, more exercise (means more of your time).

The Afghan Hound is quite an old large dog breed. It is distinguished from other breeds by it thick and silky coat, the ring curl at the end of their tail. The breed developed its features in the cold mountain ranges of Afghanistan. In those mountains it was originally used to hunt wolves and other animals.

Rottweilers are fast learners and very intelligent. Their intelligence tends to make them dominant so early training should be centered towards negating this tendency. They love exercise and though they may appear overly calm at times they do love attention and are quite playful.

The list of large breed dogs includes:



Doberman Pinscher

English Setter

Dogo Argentino

German Shepherd

German Pinscher

Giant Schnauzer

Golden Retriever

Gordon Setter

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


Irish Setter


Neopolitan Mastiff


Saint Bernard

Wolf dog

This list of large breed dogs contains only a few of many such dogs that exist.


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