Verseo Detox Foot Patches Review


Verseo detox foot patches are one of the best ways to clear you body of pains and toxins. If you are looking for a way to cleanse your system, improve your sleep, relieve pain and reduce anxiety you'll want to read this.

Detoxification foot patches (or pads) dramatically improve your health while you're asleep.

The patches draw harmful toxins through the bottom of your feet using a wood vinegar essence and work while you sleep to suck out the toxins that are locked inside your body. As a result you are able to eliminate all kinds of contaminants including heavy metals, microscopic parasites, mucous, and metabolic waste.

Visible results can be seen on the patches in the morning. In normal cases the patches turn dark brown or black, giving visible results that you can see with your own eyes.

Let me ask you a question …

– Do you suffer from chronic pain or arthritis?

– Do you routinely get headaches?

– Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

– Do you have less energy than normal?

– Are you sick of feeling bad all the time?

If so you are most likely in need of a body cleanse. The toxins that build up in our bodies can wreak havoc on our system if not remedied.

You can use detox foot patches to:

– Cleanse your system

– Relieve your headaches

– Stop your arthritis pain

– Relieve your stress & anxiety

– Improve your circulation

– Boost your immune system

– Enhance your mental focus

The patches have positive effects all over your body. They can be attached to specific problem areas to relieve pain.

For knee problems patches are placed behind the knee. For eye problems place them on the back of your ears or on the temple (never put on your eyes).

For those interested in a deeper body cleanse detox patches can be placed on the back, on both sides of the spine and over the kidneys. This placement provides a deep cleanse that is easy to do.


* Dextrin (vegetable source)

* Eucalyptus

* Globulus Wood Vinegar

* Agaricus Mushroom

* Menthol (Peppermint)

* Tourmaline (natural mineral)

* Silica Dimethicone Silylate

The patches are simple to use and very affordable. You can get a 30 day supply of patches for around $ 40 and are guaranteed to work!

Overall Verseo detox foot patches are definitely worth using, providing fast, effective cleansing power at a great price.


Source by Steve Shell

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