Panic Attacks Affect Men Too!


Many people, male and female, believe that they are having a heart attack when in fact they are experiencing part of the syndrome of a panic attack.

Panic Attacks display a whole range of symptoms including:

Feeling An Overwhelming Sense Of Fear, Apprehension And Anxiety;

Rapid Heart Beat And Palpitations (The Sensation Of An Irregular Heart Beat);

Feelings Of Dread And Irrational Fear Of Impending Death;


Shortness Of Breath;

Dry Mouth;

Ringing In Your Ears;

A Need To Go To The Toilet;



Hot Flushes;


Choking Sensation;



Numbness Or Pins And Needles.

Now men are notoriously bad at getting help with anything and soldier on without discussing their fears with anyone. They just get more and more short tempered with everyone around them and retreat into themselves as the worry eats them up from the inside.

STOP being a victim of the ‘butch bloke’ stereotype.

You are human and this is a human reaction that has got slightly confused and NOT a ‘girlie’ or ‘wimpy’ thing. Actually it is a very cave man reaction!

Does that make you feel any better about it? Then read on…

During a panic attack, the area of the brain active during reasoning and rationalisation, is not active but the central region of the brain is and that’s where the survival, instinctive, reactive centre is.

The ‘ancestral memory’ if you like, from back when as a species our lives were on a knife edge and we really needed that adrenalin fueled ‘fight or flight’ response. This part of the brain becomes over-active and no amount of deep breathing will make you calm down.

Although panic attacks won’t kill you, they are scary and they can have a serious effect on your day-to-day living especially when they stop you going out with your mates or partner, when you start making excuses not to travel, not to go places just in case you have another attack.

Don’t suffer in silence. Don’t put up with these panic attacks anymore. You are not the only man suffering needlessly like this. If 1 in 100 people suffer panic attacks in the UK and 3 in 100 in the US doesn’t that mean that 2 in 100 people suffer from panic attacks? Couldn’t one of those 2 be a bloke?

Stop trying to hide this problem with drugs or alcohol after all once you get straight or sober the problem is still there! Just waiting to rear its ugly head again…

The fear of the next attack is what gives the panic attack its power over you and its what fuels the next one!

Staying in won’t help it either. Keep doing that and you could end up trapped behind your own front door scared to go out in case you can’t find somewhere safe to escape to if you have another attack.

Do you want to develop Agoraphobia? It’s a possible progression of the problem and that will take a lot longer to recover from, so do something about these feelings NOW!


Source by Pol Bablak

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