Getting Pregnant – The Three of You Together


You may not find any of my suggestions on how to get pregnant in any medical texts. These are my opinions and observations based on experiences in my healing ministry over the past few decades, my metaphysical and spiritual research… and some are based on common sense.

There are three distinct phases to your journey in growing a family:

Phase 1. getting pregnant,

Phase 2. being pregnant, and

Phase 3. rearing the child.

Phase 3 takes years. Phase 2 takes months. Phase 1 takes minutes. Doing each part together, man and woman united in purpose, lessens the burdens and increases the joys for you both, for your child, and for the human family. For right now, let’s focus on Phase 1: how to get pregnant, consciously and care-fully.

First, let’s consider what is needed in Phase 1, how to grow a baby:

Part I: an egg

Part II: a sperm

Part III: the blessing of Life itself

Part III: The blessing of Life itself

We’re not starting out of order. We’re starting with the single most important thing for you both to realize and pay attention to. If you really get this section, you will understand why you absolutely need to do Parts I and II and how it helps you get pregnant… especially if ‘it’ hasn’t been working for you.

This information may be new to some of you. It comes to me through my spiritual/metaphysical studies, which include the bible, the Edgar Cayce readings, and the Human Design material.

The Human Design System is channeled material about understanding our life on earth in a physical body. Regarding conception, it suggests that the egg opens itself to that sperm which “has the goods.”

You may have seen videos of an ovum surrounded by sperms beating on the outside to get in. Microscopic examination shows us that at some point the egg itself opens to allow in a chosen sperm, the lucky one.

Human Design suggests that the chosen sperm has actually received an energetic impulse from the earth’s life force, giving it that extra oomph or spark that sets it apart from all the other ones knocking on the door. So this system suggests that the blessing of Life itself comes from deep within the spirit of Gaia, the earth.

Compare this to the channeled information in the Edgar Cayce readings, which suggests that, while menstruation is a law of nature, conception is a law of God. It’s not just a physiological union of sperm and egg. Something more is happening. Something miraculous.

Both of these sources refer to conception as an energetically enhanced dynamic, that is, a force or power or energy greater than ourselves with control over conception.

Doesn’t this help us understand the uphill challenge of in vitro fertilization? A random sperm without that spark, forcibly injected into an egg, doesn’t have a chance. It hasn’t been “blessed,” if you will, by a force or power greater than the physical components.

So now you decide – which one feels better to you? Whether you resonate to “the spirit of Life,” “the blessing from the earth,” or “a law of God,” clearly we have to recognize that something extra is going on when the egg accepts a particular sperm, something quite beyond one sperm beating the door down before the other ones can get in.

My suggestion for you would be that you spiritualize your thoughts about having a baby. You are, of course, growing your own family, continuing your own ancestral lineage; at the same time you are contributing to the human family and taking your places on the Great Wheel of Life, as the Native Americans would say.

That’s why I’ve placed this section on ‘the blessing of Life itself’ first: to let you know how special – holy, if you will – this attempt for you to get pregnant really is. It’s more than you two, more than a woman and a man. It’s co-creating on a very high level. And I wish more than anything that you take this to heart and appreciate what a blessing making a new life really is. It’s both of you, plus Something Else, call it what you will. “Miracle” would be appropriate.

Now, however you two choose to pray/worship/meditate/harmonize your hearts and minds, I feel you can maximize your chances of successful conception by linking to the heart and mind of Life/God/Allah/Buddha/Spirit/Love/the Force. Choose to live on a higher level, a more spiritual or enlightened level from now on.

This is the key to how to get pregnant – raising your own vibrations to attract that special Life spark for conception. Practice this together while you are doing the suggestions in Part I for the woman and Part II for the man.

Part I: The egg or ovum, the woman’s contribution to conception

It makes sense that the egg – and the environment in which it will thrive as a fetus – needs to be healthy for you to get pregnant and to be pregnant. For the next few months in preparation for getting pregnant, you might want to consider adjusting your food intake to more

–organically grown, raw foods, when possible

–a good mineral/vitamin supplement,

–digestive enzymes to maximize nutritional intake and

–sufficient hydration (aka, water) to keep tissues healthy and wastes flushed out.

Also avoiding or limiting the damaging elements in the diet – like processed foods, fast foods, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, and high-fructose corn syrup – strengthens and enlivens your reproductive system and your whole body.

Speaking of strength, you’ll feel a lot better while pregnant if you go into it feeling stronger. Consider a combination of daily movements – like walking, swimming, yoga, light weights – to put your body into an even better shape than it already is.

Let’s also consider the amount of chemical toxins we already have consumed from much of our processed foods, in our water, and in our environment. Because of the accumulation of stresses and toxins already in our systems, it may be a good idea to give yourself a series of abdominal castor oil packs to cleanse the tummy tissues and purify the new baby’s first home environment – your belly. You might also want to check out some colon cleansing programs to help this along.

You can find a really excellent source for castor oil packs and an intestinal cleansing powder at Get two, one for each of you. A pack is good for all ten sessions, which will give you great cleansing results.

Doing a series of 10 packs over five (5) weeks, doing two packs a week, will improve your reproductive system’s health, as well as your eliminations and immune system function.

Packs take less than an hour. They’re a bit on the messy side but so is pregnancy and so is birth and so is rearing a child and living a life. So just do it.

And do the packs together with your mate, prayerfully, with intention… just like life is supposed to be lived.

Taking all these steps, consciously, can raise your vibrational levels and increase the physical vitality of your reproductive system and your entire body. I encourage you to take a couple of self-nurturing months to prepare and ‘fertilize’ your inner garden for growing a healthy, new beautiful baby.

Part II: The sperm, the man’s contribution to conception

The same healthful guidelines will be helpful for increasing your vitality levels, too, men, as well as doing the series of castor oil packs – and why not do them together with your mate? How precious it would be for the two of you to be taking all the steps to consciously co-create a new life!

Also for you, ease up on tight pants and underwear. Try wearing boxer shorts or underwear with legs for the months you are preparing to get pregnant. Give your blood circulation the freedom to move through your reproductive cells and deliver that life-giving nutrition and cleansing where it’s most needed.

Phase 3 Getting Pregnant only takes minutes and Phase 2 Being Pregnant takes months. So isn’t it worth a little preparation now for you both to be really ready and healthy? We are, after all, talking about a miracle.

Do whatever you can to elevate your own energy to attract that special blessing of Life’s impulse. Take a few months of cleansing, good diet, raising your vibrations. And when you decide that you’re ready to try to get pregnant, then try this simple suggestion:

Timing and Position

Of course you will be wanting to know what is the peak time for ovulation, whether by checking a calendar, taking your temperature, or just sensing when the body is ready.

Before sexual union, place a pillow under the woman’s hips. This elevation while lying on her back helps gravity to allow more sperms get up to the cervix and into the uterus than most other positions.

The purpose now is to fill the vagina with sperms first, with the man’s orgasm, and after that, create the woman’s orgasm. This way, most of the available sperms can be sucked up into the uterus as it spasms.

For the man, it’s best for him to rotate his hips in a circular motion. Moving in and out causes the penis to relax fairly soon after orgasm and this is not what you want. You want to be able to have the man’s orgasm first, but still be able to create the woman’s orgasm later, to pull the sperms up into the uterus. Circular rotation will allow you to have the orgasm without losing much of the erection. (If the erection does not last long enough for the woman’s orgasm to happen, you know other ways to give her what she needs. Hopefully.)

For a while afterwards, the woman should stay with the pillow under her hips while the sperms travel up into the uterus. At this time, you two can relax together in peace and love, praying that you’ve received “the goods” enough get pregnant. Talk about this together. Visualize it happening. Look forward with joy and excitement to Phase 2: Being Pregnant.

One last thing… if the timing of ovulation is right, conception can occur in the fallopian tubes. Then the newly formed zygote takes about five days to travel into the uterus and attach to the walls for the next phase of development. So for the woman, it’s probably best not to do much kick-boxing or BMX or high diving in the next week, right?

May Life bless you both, now and always.


Source by Cheryl Salerno

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