30 Inspiring Female Body Transformations | Weight Loss Before and After…

Incredible weightloss and fitness success stories of women who have achieved remarkable results in their body transformation, from overweight or chubby into fit and sexy…

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29 Replies to “30 Inspiring Female Body Transformations | Weight Loss Before and After…”

  1. Mind Funk

    We need to stop striving so much for superficial goals all the time. I mean not only girls and women regarding looks, but mankind in general. We are overly occupied with stuff that death soon will take away from us soon anyway, we should look for that which death cannot destroy, our soul. People have their focus on insignificant things instead of trying to understand and really live life, which should be the main priority for everyone. Google truthcontest and read the present. Nothing you do in life except for learning and living in the simple truth is going to matter in the long run.

  2. Makitta

    I bet if you checked the back story on all of these women they all did this because they're getting divorced. And they'll snag some guy and go back to beings toads again.

  3. Kuroro Luxifer

    That's why ever since I was a kid , whenever I saw overweight people I'd feel sorry and sad for them , while other boys just laughed at them . I knew that there were beautiful guys and girls under every one of those layers of fat . This is why I've always had the wish to become a personal trainer , so that I could help overweight people to change non only their look for the better , make them more healty and more happy .

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