Starting Paleo to Get Jacked – VLOG 13 (The NYC Couple)

Wednesday – February 3, 2016

We’ve started the Paleo diet for the month of February. Gotta get back into shape after all of the holiday eating… and because we have a photo shoot at the end of the month 🙂

This is a photo of Mark a few years ago after he was strict paleo. He’s trying to make a return!

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

– The NYC Couple

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Our favorite Snacks!
Quest Bar – Cookies N Cream: (affil)

Recorded on: Canon G7X – (affil)

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7 Replies to “Starting Paleo to Get Jacked – VLOG 13 (The NYC Couple)”

  1. Peter Rosario

    nice, some spots that are good are, the brookfeild place, and the path train station hallway at the world trade center leading to the brookfeild place, the hightline, fulton station, staten island ferry has a nice view but might be kinda cold, theres a spot near the boat house where u can see bathesda fountain from across the water in central park, if i think of any other spots ill let u know =) and good luck on the diet

  2. The Vloginsons

    The Photo Shoot sounds fun, I would love to see the landmarks, the places that you guys see all the time, but really say New York to us non- New Yorkers. Maybe also some neat city shots as well.
    Hope it goes well with the new diet!! (we're still rockin' the low carb diet for us non-active people, lol). :)

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