Proven Solutions to Winter Weight Gain & How to Lose It


Winter can be your biggest enemy during your "battle of the budge", as the tendency to eat is amplified during this time. If you are one of the unlucky ones who gain weight during cold season, I'm sure you've wondered why this happens to you. Understand that you are not alone, and there are several factors that contribute to this unattractive weight gain. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of winter weight gain.

Winter boredom is a major culprit. Due to shorter daylight hours and the biting cold weather, chances are you stay inside more, lessening your outdoor activities. According to recent studies, boredom easily sets in when there's a decrease in physical activities. Hence, to kill time you eat more, and like so many others, you resort to comfort food.

Comfort food can be one of the biggest contributors of poor health and a bulging waistline. When boredom calls, choose your snacks carefully, such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. Select snacks with low calorie counts, as these will reduce the likelihood of winter weight gain.

Scientists believe cold season weight gain stems from your ancestral bloodlines. Additionally, their theory is that pre-historic relatives were forced to gain weight for survival purposes during the cold season. This need created a desire for food, which inevitably and rapidly added a surplus of fat to the body. Nowadays, this is referred to as, "loading up on the calories".

Another citation by scientists is that your relatives digested more calories to prevent the food from spoiling. This food spoilage results in food shortage before the coldest months pass, and this in turn creates a need for survival. Before you know it, you are consuming fat as a means of survival, just as some animals do. This also creates a "Need Meat" mentality, which can control you. Do not let this happen. The solution: seal the refrigerator with a chain … Just kidding. Seriously, this is not that hard to overcome. Just remember that despite the cold weather, your environment is warm and friendly, and the grocery store is not too far away. Therefore, to stay warm and to survive, you do not have to consume everything in sight.

Exercise-some people abhor it with a passion. If you are one of those, tell the truth-isn't it just easier to come home and lounge on the couch and watch TV instead of exercising? Unfortunately, this makes you twice as susceptible to winter weight gain. Regardless of your dislike for exercise, it can be as necessary as breathing. If the cold weather does not permit you to walk outside, use the stairs at your office, or visit the gym during your lunchtime instead of the cafeteria. It is imperative that you find a way to maintain a thriving metabolism and to shed those additional calories.

Obviously, there are many factors that can cause winter weight gain. However, applying some the above-mentioned steps will lower your risk and simplify your weight loss when warmer months arrive.


Source by Daniel Scyphers

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