Paleo to Plant-Based Slide Show | My Weight Loss Journey Part 1

I bare myself to share my own journey of transformation from high protein & fat paleo diet for 1 & 1/2 years (April 2010-Sept 2011 ) to a whole food plant-based vegan diet. The one+ year paleo was low carb, minimal starches, no wheat/gluten/grains/beans. Prior, I was eating high protein, lots of veggies, plenty of olive & coconut oil, some fruit, some grain and starches, minimal bread/wheat.

I reached my all time heaviest weight around Jan 2011…and I was getting married 5 months later! Yikes! Reality check!!! Nothing like seeing yourself in pictures and not liking what you see!

We began to cut way back on fats. Ate more mild white fish, less red meat and salmon. And more potatoes. A lot of this excess weight was during a prolonged period of trying to show you could eat a paleo diet on a budget. During that time we ate more pork, which I never liked much in the past. Prior, we spent a lot of money on wild caught salmon, and grass-fed meats.

I catered our wedding w/ the help of my amazing friends and family! So proud to have made it a gluten-free affair! That was May, 2011.

In Aug of that year, Don gave a presentation at the 1st Ancestral Health Symposium. He already wrote his ‘Farewell to Paleo’ blog post that went viral. I had a health scare of horribly tender/painful lumpy, & enlarged fatty fibrocystic breasts. We immediately began to eat beans & legumes, and a tbsp. of flax seeds daily. We went totally plant-based by Sept. Within 3 months, my enlarged, fatty, tender, and lumpy breasts were healed.

The rest, as they say, is history…. chronicled on the slide show. I have continued to feel health improvements. BUT, it takes time. There are ups and downs. Best advice: PATIENCE!!!! It’s all about health, from the inside out. Freelee the Banana Girl gives this advice often, and rightfully so!

So grateful to have made the change to a healthy plant-based diet. The best changes have been in the massive awakening of my heart, and a return to my earlier values as a younger adult. My love of animals and nature. I feel so much more aligned with my authentic self! And, I eat all the potatoes and pasta I care for, not to mention the fruits!

If I were to cater my wedding now, it would be animal-free!


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  1. Basic Macrobiotics

    @Verde: I am not able to post a reply to your comments as it isn't letting me. Here is the reply.

    We initially followed a macrobiotic diet, then experimented w/ the high fruit, high raw for about a year. One month was all raw. It caused some weight gain to return, and my fibrocystic breast tenderness, of which was very bad while eating paleo, returned, to a lesser intensity. We then switched back to eating cooked foods, returning our focus to more macrobiotic focus for the last couple years, I think. We've varied how we eat. We basically now eat just 2 meals, occasionally a third or a snack, and finish eating most days by 3:30/4, sometimes by 5. So even tho eating macrobiotic prior, we may have had a meal later, after returning from our clinic. Eating all meals earlier has made a big difference. When eating too close to bedtime, our allergies and sinus issues were still pretty bad. Plus, we had a smoker below us for much of that time, thankfully, now gone.

    Both of us have an earlier history w/ macrobiotics. I first bought Kristina Turner's book when I moved to Grass Valley, in 1989, I went to a macrobiotic camp in Canada and met Paul Pitchford and others, including Rebecca Wood, in the early 90's. Don used to be a live-in macrobiotic cook while living in Seattle, and he and his first wife taught macrobiotics at one point before they got started w/ paleo. More details of both our separate histories are in our respective books. He outlines his history somewhat in Essential Macrobiotics, which will be published this month. I speak of my background in Make Every Bite Count, plus a bit more in the preface of The Macrobiotic Action Plan. Pardon any errors, as I'm writing in poor lighting at the moment.

  2. Lily

    Hi Tracy, did you loose the weight during your raw food period or the bananagirl diet ? Did raw food helped you to detox from all the meat you were eating ? I have eaten a lot of animal protein wich damage my health and i try to eat as much raw food as possible but it's hard to have more than 1500 cal… 🙁 Thanks for all !

  3. Liz Torres

    Agh hope! I started eating a lot of protein from meat in an effort to loose weight a week ago. I thought it would hep with satiation, but it didnt 🙁 Instead now I eat the same amount off food, topped with lots of chicken breasts and some cheese.  I've only gained weight 🙁 I always end up eating pasta, or rice or smoothies 🙁 I can never stay low carb. I want to trim up so badly! Eating the meat made me feel so disgusted, I dont like chicken or fish at all. I also hate the fact I buy factory farmed meat. It makes me very sad. So you are saying I can eat lots of smoothies and pasta and still be trim? omg :D

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