Paleo Pasta Recipe-Gluten Free

This is the first Paleo Pasta Recipe on Youtube! Delicious Paleo Pasta made with only 4 ingredients. It uses blanched almond flour, tapioca flour, eggs and sea salt. This homemade pasta is gluten free, paleo and dairy free. It goes great with homemade meat sauce.
You can find the Paleo Pasta Recipe at:
You can find the meat sauce recipe at:

Best Paleo Meat Sauce!


16 Replies to “Paleo Pasta Recipe-Gluten Free”

  1. Shauna Hunter

    I've gotta question that needs answers!☺️Can I make these Pasta by improvising with Arrowroot flour instead of Tapioca flour? I am almost out of Tapioca and I don't think what I have will be enough. Please answer back! <3 <3

  2. Michelle Williams

    Hi Ester, thank you sooo much for this AMAZING recipe!! I was wondering if you could substitute the tapioca flour (since it has a G.I of 85 and high net carb) with Buckwheat flour (GI 35 and net carb 17) or even Cassava flour?

  3. Laura Kleban

    Im new to Paleo and I am so missing pasta! I have all of these ingredients and plan to try this tonight! Have you actually tried to freeze this or is there never and left to freeze?? Thanks for the great video!

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