Paleo Diet Before And After Pictures: My Weight loss Transformation

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G’day, I’m Durianrider from Adelaide, South Australia. I first became a personal trainer back in 1999 and have trained with some of the fittest people on the planet. Ive learned a lot along the way and I run the largest vegan forum in the world with Freelee the Banana Girl (, and I bust my ass every single day to help people help themselves while saving the animals and the planet at the same time. I’m a high carb, plant-based vegan cyclist who gives no fucks about saying what needs to be said.

Stand up for what you believe in, or sit the fruit back down!.



44 Replies to “Paleo Diet Before And After Pictures: My Weight loss Transformation”

  1. Ochena Pothik

    Wazz Up! Did you considered – Fini Weekly Diet (do a search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law had only prime words about with this program.

  2. joel joel

    Thats not true. I've been an athlete for about 10 years. Unless your lifestyle is to train 5 days/week you can consume high carbs and have the same body type as the high carb fruit diet. I have been in Nutritional ketosis for the last 4months Paleo/lchf/anabolic diet/many names and have benefited differently on both diet types. while on Paleo ive become fat adapted mainly and use fat as an energy source rather than carbs aka sugar and have lost more fat while doing moderate to low training than my highest levels of training on a high carb diet. I've still increased strength and haven't had an anti-catabolic effect because my body burns mostly fat as energy. If anyone were to do there due diligence and seriously research they will know they can achieve the more fit body type. Just calling out the bogus paleo girl on the left. I know plenty of high carbers and vegans that have big arms because of the non usage of the extra carbs in your body being converted to fat due to the insulin spike of refined sugars. herefore unless you are extremely active 4-6 days a week 2-3 hours in gym or training i would not go on the high carb fruit diet.  Also, my waist line has been the smallest it's ever been to a nearly 30" and i'm 6'1 185lbs.

  3. jogmas12

    i'm paleo and i do not do calorie restriction. i feast on every meal and dont gain a pound. 6'1" and 168 lbs. And have been at this weight for over a year now. Cookin up some bun-less burgers tonight, whats some?

  4. 88openyourmind88

    @johnnyandrew i cant find ur message here anymore.
    yeah. the program is very achievable. it has a very
    suportive and always ensures the sessions are so
    informative and fun.. I am so happy with the results
    so far. Here's to many more ^_^.
    PS= u got the site name misspelled. That should be:

  5. Ahrraminh

    Of course gorillas get most of their nutrients from plants, but they need the small bugs which come with the plants in order to reproduce. Early captive gorillas needed to be fed meat to reproduce until they realised it was because they were washing the bugs off of the vegetation they were feeding them. I think it's the b12. Humans actually produce their own b12 in the colon, but it's only absorbed in the terminal ileum; so humans have to coprophagy like rabbits/guineas to get it without animals

  6. Rajan Lama

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  7. Ed Stone

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to get rid of fat with "Lean Body Stagger", but then I showed them the results. Google "Lean Body Stagger" to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  8. Rohied Garcia

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  9. Jack Bruno

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  10. Julian Loza

    In a raw brahs video ido portal said he refuses to work with vegans 0.o wtf maybe he has seen too many matt monarch vids lol I would like to hear your thoughts on this thanks :)

  11. Catt M

    Richard, Durion and Free lifestyle are Vegan. Keep watching their videos and you will have more understanding of how to live Vegan. They are great. Good luck.

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