Paleo Diet Before & After photos

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G’day, I’m Durianrider from Adelaide, South Australia. I first became a personal trainer back in 1999 and have trained with some of the fittest people on the planet. Ive learned a lot along the way and I run the largest vegan forum in the world with Freelee the Banana Girl (, and I bust my ass every single day to help people help themselves while saving the animals and the planet at the same time. I’m a high carb, plant-based vegan cyclist who gives no fucks about saying what needs to be said.

Stand up for what you believe in, or sit the fruit back down!.



42 Replies to “Paleo Diet Before & After photos”

  1. Racquetball Vegan

    The detox mode where you body enters after eating healthy like this can last for how ever long your body needs to detox all of the crap you've been putting in it for how ever long you have been alive… It can take a while, but its because its built up over your entire life span so it will take some time for it to adjust…

  2. Kyle Conley

    I was seeing good results the first few days after switching but now i feel bloated and im farting every 10 minutes haha im assuming its probably from the increase of fiber but how long should this last?

  3. verti go

    I'm sorry but this is utter bullsh*t. i was under weight and did track all throughout highschool. I HATED my body. I went Paleo and i never found a reason to quit since. I support both Paleo and Vegan but, it's hypocritical bastards like you that disgust me; bashing on Paleo in order to promote Vegan. Sad.

  4. Lateralus

    Weight gained = Calories taken in – Calories burned, regardless of where those calories come from. However, carbohydrates are a much quicker, efficient source of energy, whereas fat tends to be stored because it is slow burning.

  5. throwitinthebinUnt

    i agree 100% and yes i follow a regime that says OVERT fats (oils, deepfried food) should be avoided, but i dont always follow it for reasons (to quote Doug Graham:) OTHER THAN HEALTH… but im getting better and better as i avoid more and more

    lean powerlifters/bodybuilders arent at all scarce in todays world; surely they all cant be vegan: theyre definitely either "tracking what they eat" or abusing a substance and starving themselves

    I calorie count everything i eat! nothin but love


  6. viddelt

    Do u even? Look for simon ck on youtube. a guy who does 10-11 g of fat days per week. Why? So he can up it to over 100 g few days to eat shit like McDonalds. Yet, he is a superlean powerlifter.. Just track what u are eating and ul be fine. And if ur gonna give me the monkeys dont count calories, why shouldnt we cause durianrider made a vid about… To me, that's just a stupid excuse for not wanting to work hard for what u want. Peace Braah

  7. Chuck Norris

    you can tell me whatever you want, that vegan is healthy, slim blah blah blah but it is definitely not tasty, worst lifestyle ever if we talk about tasty and please bitches if you reply then make something good, because tasy foods are not vegan foods 

  8. Mazadaja Tyros

    Hey Durian, I am on a high carb diet 10 months already. I have less fat now and much more endurance. I also recover much faster than earlier! I watch my friends at BJJ team, they drink those protein shakes after sparing and I can say for sure that they get tired wery easy during the fights.

  9. Adam Bruss

    No way man. I've been carbing up like crazy with rice, vegetables and fruit and my performance and energy levels are through the roof. I'm also leaner. Just keep it low fat and eat all the carbs you want.

  10. Andy Vegan

    The truth in in the photos! The photos are evident! If you still think that carbs makes you fat then you have no hope. Just kill yourself or go fruit yourself. It's not rocket science. FOOD FROM THE EARTH. Not food from someone's vagina. 

  11. 616Fitness

    store bought apple juice is sugar water. It's just processed too much. If you juice it yourself then it's full of vitamins. Sugar yah obviously that's common sense but it's apple juice… you're not gonna get fat 

  12. Marisa Palmer

    Hi Harley, can you give me your honest opinion about these DXA scan results:

    Female 167 cm / 69 kg
    27 kg fat
    40 kg lean
    21 kg bone
    40% body fat

    Could you do a video that touches on all the basics in one vid? IE: How many calories you eat, how much fat/day, how much fat you need, how much protein you need, some before & afters? I'd love to have something to share with newbs that packs it all in one.

    Thanks for everything you do. You & Free have changed my life. 

  13. Lynz Michelle

    Not feeling so good paleo, feeling great vegan, Notice most her paleo diet she is always sitting vs vegan standing, in motion. I have noticed a major difference in my body myself. You guys/girls are my heros! Keep up your posts, please! 🙂 Your Awesome!

  14. throwitinthebinUnt

    p 2: did the math: thats about 5300 of carb/fat kcal
    thats 20%max of fat in total..which is what Lance Armstrong did in his "Strict" diet in training (he probably did more like 10000cal though hah)

    does Lance seem like the dude whod get fat just for the fuck of it? ehn ooh

    Those percentages COULDNT get you fat RIGHT AWAY but if you do get pudgy: the fat is definetely THE factor of the cause

    being objective in logic is a beautiful thing

    PS 30g of fat in the mainstream diet is IMPOSSIBLE HAHA

  15. throwitinthebinUnt

    Believe me 5000 kcal carbs in a day is DOABLE! (BUT only when it called for)

    but back to the question,.. its as easy as:
    fat=very hard to breakdown
    carbs=very easy to breakdown
    all of above put together=a mess of mood swings indigestion lethargy and putrification/fermentation in the gut .YES. from the carbs: BUT only because fat got in the way..and thats ANY type of fat: lard, veg oil, avocado

    so you might not wear the fat you ate, but youd feel shitty (which is mainly whatll get ya chubbed)

  16. La ne

    Have you had your cholesterol and lipids checked? You might look healthy but be round the corner from a heart attack or stroke, even as young as 20 years old. I'd be very careful.

    Also, if you allowed yourself to eat as many calories as I enjoy in a day, you'd be morbidly obese and heading for renal failure for excess protein. I eat around 4000 – 5000 every day with only moderate – little exercise. I'm also around the same BF%

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