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On the 12th of April, my husband and I are going to celebrate our 1-year anniversary of being on the Paleo diet. Although for us it’s a whole lifestyle rather than just a diet, the changes this way of eating brought to our lives are amazing. Of course, it’s helped us get rid of a lot of annoying health issues, but that’s not the topic of today’s video.

Today’s video is all about how it transformed our body on the outside. I’ve never touched this topic before, and it’s time to do it! Being fit and exercising is a huge part of our lifestyle, and you’ll hear much more about it from me from now on. Keep an eye out for that!

So here’s our fitness and weight loss story. Or I guess you could also call it our Paleo story. I hope you’ll find it inspiring!

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20 Replies to “Our Paleo Diet Weight Loss Transformation + Before and After Pictures | VitaLivesFree”

  1. Christina Powis

    Hi! I love your channel!! I was wondering how your hashimotoes and low thyroid effected your dieting process/weight? I've recently been diagnosed with the same, not sure I feel about medication yet.. I'm 22 and live an active lifestyle, my biggest fear is gaining loads of weight because of this thyroid issue:( x

  2. Major Mayhem

    Folks, it ain't normal about the fruits were are eating today!

    The fruits of today are UNNATURALLY sweet! Modern day farming have created super sweet breeds of fruits through hybridization and selective breeding. The sweetest fruits are specifically selected and bred creating even more sweeter offsprings and so on so forth through out the generations.

    Alot of the fruits that we are eating today are actually MADE to be sweeter and larger in size. If you compare the modern fruits with the WILD version of that fruit, first of all, you won't recognized the fruit in the wild even if it hits you in the nose! They look so much different and the wild varieties are no where near as sweet as the modern farmed variety.

  3. justcriss

    You should ck out freelee the banana girl or durianrider for better lifestyle. They advocate a low fat, low sodium, high carb vegan diet. Don't you care about all the animals that have to die for your meals? You seem like a very sweet and smart lady. Do your own research.

  4. Lisa Evans

    I have seen two of your videos (I just subscribed), and I like the way you present your ideas. The eye video was amazing, I am going to try it, and giving a copy to my mother, who has major eye problems. I like this video, want to lose weight, however some of the diet I will have a lot of problems with (not your problem) 🙂 I am a vegetarian by choice, and by the choice not of health, but to not kill an animal to feed myself. I do notice lowering my carbs does help, and I know by choosing the right foods I can make this happen. I also know that when I cut out sugar, the cravings stop. I wish quicker, but they eventually do. I haven't read this Paleo diet, but it sounds like Atkins. I won't do meat for anything, but I appreciate the video, and will look into the excersize portion, and will attempt again to work on cutting out sugar and some carbs (can't completely on a vegetarian diet as easily). Thank you so much for putting out such helpful videos. I think most people appreciate it. For the record, Im sure everyone has people like the one who is arguing about turning fat to muscle, and have to try to take everything literally just to have something to complain about, however you seem nice in your response to her, and hopefully you don't take people like that personally, they just like to complain. The fact is, if someone doesn't like your information, they can turn it off. (smile). From me however, thank you again, and you have given me inspiration! By the way, you mentioned just getting the app. Is the app name the same as the book you referenced? Thank you so much!!!


    Aite pretty much the short version of my longer comment is this
    u can really eat anything, EVEN MANY CARBS, but the foods have to come from natural sources not machines or factories… you can literally eat anything (not processed) and lose weight. It's about creating a calorie deficit, lowering your cortisol (stress) as cortisol breaks muscle to store fat under stress but it doesnt do this during excercise because the body produces human growth hormone (HGH is good shit) that protects muscles during intense workouts from cortisol. Cortisol is only good during intense workouts any other time its bad. The reason she had amazing results isnt just paleo its that these diets reduce most overly processed foods.


    i found out why these diets, which in my opinion aren't the healthiest, do deliver results. Processed foods, basically anything naturally grown from or born from the Earth (ie meat and veggies) that went through a machine as one thing but came out totally chemically altered as the same thing or as something completely different, contain such an insane amount of hidden trans fats and chemicals that will make fat loss impossible. This is becoming a thing in Europe they are copying the American shit food. I live in USA when ever I left this country I ATE A LOT OF FOOD IN OHTER COUNTRIES AND LOST TONS OF WEIGHT if I eat the same thing here I gain tons. Short story…. you gotta be in a calorie deficit but with non processed foods. It's hard but possible in America you have to read the shit out of food labels. If theres to many ingredients in it most likely its fake food.  Even the slightest processed food in your diet will destroy your goals in USA. In USA its legal to put 0 trans fat even if it contains trans fats. Fruits are good, carbs are good, bread is no longer bread in this country read the food label if it sounds like a science project then its not bread its cardboard mixed with heart attack and cancer. Avoid sat and trans fats. Mono poly fats in oranic nut butters avocados are great, Peanut butter isnt even peanut butter its really trans fat artery clogging butter once its done being processed in USA you have to buy ORGANIC Nut butters the "All Natural" nut butters are still overly processed. That's just the way it is… thats the reason ppl are fat af in usa.

  7. Taylia Kelfkens

    hey! I am sooo glad I found your channel!!!! I did vegetarianism and the 801010(I felt like death too- I was depressed,my moods were all over the place from the sugar highs and lows, I never felt satisfied and I gained weight) but im following paleo and I Quit Sugar- by Sarah Wilson and ive never felt better!

  8. Sonia B. Zumba

    FYI Freelee the Banana Girl is not following Dr Graham 80/10/10 diet. She has her own method and book, called Raw till 4. So whatever is the diet you have done during this period of time, you may not have done it correctly…

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