My Weightloss Transformation with the Paleo Diet – Before & After Pictures

You want to be as healthy and strong as a caveman?
Lose Weight With Paleo Diet
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22 Replies to “My Weightloss Transformation with the Paleo Diet – Before & After Pictures”

  1. spinnetti

    This is not amazing when you are 25, since biology is still on your side… it gets interesting when you are 50 and biology is working against you… trying it now…. best part is is much higher energy which I didn't expect….

  2. TellusJD

    Actaully i like 2 months primal 🙂 maybe its just my taste but a little fat and softness is something you want on a woman its just more "motherly" anyway my opinion

  3. jaime the clipper guy

    I changed my life with paleo I lost 110 in one year and 5 problems that I had are gone one being diabetic  look up Jaime the clipper guy on face book and see my pic I will never go back and you look great good job

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