How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain


Gaining weight during winter months is pretty common. Winter weight gain might actually be a big problem for you. Some people are more prone to it than the others. So what can you do to prevent this weight gain and then how to lose weight quick during summers? A number of things are responsible for this weight gain. Here are few things that you can do to avoid this.

Decreased activity is one of the major factors responsible for people gaining weight during winters. People like to sit and relax within their homes during winters and thus the outdoor activities are totally restricted. The daylight hours are minimal during these months and this is another reason for decreased activity.

People tend to get bored when there is nothing much to do and boredom eventually leads to excessive consumption of unhealthy food items. This is because we usually like eating the comfort food when we are bored.

The comfort food is usually high in cholesterol and can lead to weight gain. So even if you eat out of boredom, make sure that you eat healthy. Keep big portions of vegetables and fruits around. Keep a check on your calories so that you do not end up gaining weight after the chilly winters are over.

According to few, our ancestral blood lines might be responsible for this weight gain. People in pre-historic era had to increase the fat content in their body so that they could survive the cold weather. And so to increase the amount of fat they had to eat more during winters which eventually lead to the weight gain.

Another theory suggests that our ancestors had to pile on the extra calories to prevent the spoilage of food. The spoilage lead to shortage of food before the winters was over. The need of the hour back then was to accumulate fat in the body just like animals so that one could survive the harsh weather conditions.

People do no exercise much during winters. They prefer to come home and relax themselves by watching their favorite show on TV. It can be a bit tough to exercise in the cold weather but then you need to do it if you are serious about your health. Stop being lazy The So and burn off extra calories Those That will definitely Prevent the winter weight gain .

In case the weather is too bad and you can not go out and exercise, then you can always do few simple things. Use the stairs instead of using the escalators in your office. You can also go to your gym for lunch rather than eating at the cafeteria. You need to maintain a good basal metabolic rate so that you can lose weight quick.

Do not be of an opinion that you need to consume everything that is there in your home to keep yourself warm. You need to remember that you stay in a warm and friendly environment. Also the grocery store is just near by so you really do not need stock up things in your refrigerator. Avoid snacking in between meals and make sure that you eat healthy.

So there are a number of ways by which you can prevent the winter gain. You need to follow the above given steps so that you do not pile on those extra pounds during winters. And even if you do, the above methods will help you to lose weight quick during the warmer months.


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