How I got rid of acne NATURALLY

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In this video I share with you my acne story and how after more than 10 years of trying different methods, I was able to clear my skin naturally with a great diet and a simple skincare routine.

It’s very embarrassing for me to post those photos, they were taken by myself and I didn’t let anybody see them until now. I took them when my skin started healing and I believed so much in what I was doing, that I knew some day I would be able to show them next to my clear skin, so that I could help other people struggling with acne.

Clearing acne takes patience but when you are doing the right things the results start showing up very, very quickly. I started seeing changes in inflammation and irritation after just a week of changing my diet.

I hope this video is helpful. Thanks for watching!

P.S. At the moment, I have a couple of mosquito bites to the
right side of my nose but I didn’t want to wait until they were gone to make this video 🙂


28 Replies to “How I got rid of acne NATURALLY”

  1. The reptilian hoe

    Theese "tips" wont ever help long term. Just go vegan and avoid oil. Eat alot of fruit, make sure to avoid dairy. Also make sure to take care of your skin. So:
    1. Cleanse + moisturise twice a day
    2. Use cold water to close your pores after washing
    3. Dont touch your face
    4.exfoliate with a scrub and a spin brush 2-3 times a week
    5. Use a face mask once or twice a week
    6. Use biore nose strips twice a week

  2. Immersive Gaming

    How do you get raw milk? What's with all of the fuss about getting salmonella poisoning from raw milk, but you recommend drinking it? I seen some of your vids from outside and it looks like you're in the countryside. Do you have access to healthy diary cows? I'm in Chicago and I'm not sure if I can really find raw milk. ;(

  3. Khan Khan

    hii. my name is zeenath. i m 18 years old.I have lots of spots and pimples like u. when u was in 2012 ..Please tell me something … I m vrry wrred about it me my sister plz

  4. Carol Marie Christ

    i suffered from bad skin for so long too, but it really is about changing your whole mindset towards your skin as you said. i hated my skin and overused really aggressive products trying to fight acne but actually this only makes it worse. and of course your diet is really important too people dont understand that the cause of acne comes from within….so thank you for this video and greetings from austria :)

  5. Joanna.

    Ive been doing paleo for 1.5 years too and its helped my skin a lot but yours looks amazing! I need to start making coconut milk yogurt and bone broth. How much water do you drink in a day? 1/2 your weight in oz?

    (Water only washing aka caveman made my skin so nice too! oils wrecked it, even grapeseed)

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