Full Day Of Eating – Low Carb Day | Vlog 2

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23 Replies to “Full Day Of Eating – Low Carb Day | Vlog 2”

  1. Classi Lady Nikk

    Hey RJ, another great video. I don't think you are always rambling in fact, I appreciate when you explain things it helps me to follow what you are saying like if you are trying to lean out. You cut what you were going to say off. I will be signing up with you very soon as I am trying to loose fat and increase muscle

  2. rachel5320

    Love your energy and enthusiasm in all the videos!! Also Love you smile and laugh as well!! I get more addicted to your channel everyday. I don't really have any friends so I look forward to new content and info I can use day to day. :)

  3. Farhath Fahim

    Def love videos like these! Keep grinding my friend!! Back at it with that cycle…. starting my cycle tomorrow actually it's a high carb day since I had a low and a mod carb day followed to it.

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