Eating a Snail is As Safe As Salad


Be careful about what you say about other cultures, their favorite foods and national customs. You may think that eating fried locusts is disgusting, but they have a huge amount of protein in them, and during locust plagues, they eat everything, so they are all that’s left to eat. You either eat them or starve. Chocolate covered ants are not really that bad either; they crunch when you eat them, not half bad.

The reality is that the human stomach can digest nearly everything, much the same as a rat or mouse, you know DNA wise we sure share a lot of genes. Perhaps, dating as far back as the tree shrew human ancestral lineage (if you are a religious fanatic you can click out or skip this paragraph).

The fact is that, with the evolved human stomach, you can eat just about anything that’s available to eat. The idea that you might starve to death on such an abundant planet is really not viable. If worse comes to worse you can eat bugs, snails and about 1/3 of the plant species without dying. Is it safe you ask? Well, one survival expert we discussed this with, told us that eating a snail is as safe as eating a salad.

Now, mind you if you like to eat salads and have a certain diet that you have come accustomed too, fine, it’s all good, but if you ever need to increase the range of foods you eat, you may learn that there is a whole new menu out there, if you dare to take it. Think on this.


Source by Lance Winslow

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