Does Paleo Diet Really Work? See These Before & After Photos To See If Paleo Really Works!

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Many people have mixed feelings about the methodology and the results of the paleo diet. This has been one of the most popular of all diet lifestyles in the past few years. The concept may be what is most appealing, because it does not require those who follow it to starve themselves or eat strange foods and shakes to get results.

The before and after photos show you some example of real people who have lost weight, of course these results from dieting are not typical, but if you want to make a serious change they are very achievable!

Eating foods that cavemen used to survive does slightly limit what foods you can eat. However, this mostly restricts the consumption of processed food and foods that have a lot chemical additives. This is the key, removing harmful toxins and chemicals from your diet is one of the main things this diet will do to assist the digestive system in your body and help you start burning fat easier and helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Choosing paleo diet recipes that work is a very important and there are plenty of places to online to find these. Choosing foods you already enjoy to eat is a great way to transition to a new healthy eating habit with low resistance. We all get stuck in a mindset of what we are familiar with so changing your habits slowly is the best way to start.

Here is a great article about making gradual changes to change your life using the paleo lifestyle:

What is the paleolithic diet, check out wikipedia to learn more:

Before and after the paleo diet there have been many other options to loose weight, but many people think this is a great way to achieve your weight loss goals, check out this video from Dr Oz talking about how this diet works:


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  1. NavigatorSpade

    From the middle of the video to the end was pictures of Freelee the banana girl. She achieved the weightloss by going high carb low fat vegan. Not paleo. So carb the fuck up and stop watching this video

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