Calorie Shifting Diet Book


Failing And Succeeding With This Diet

For the past few years I have tried calorie shifting, reading books and eBooks on this diet without success. What I did end up with is a wealth of knowledge on the benefits and positive testimonials from the use of this diet. So I am going to share with you today all the knowledge that I have learned in a nutshell from researching calorie shifting diet books and eBooks. My past failures with this diet are really what encouraged me to write about it recently, because now I have learned what works and what does not. You really need to find the right information but the secret is in the diet. If you do not pick the right food combinations than this diet will not work for you or anyone else; no matter what!

The Basis of the Diet

The main point of the calorie shifting diet is to increase your metabolic rate so that it constantly burns fat. If you skip meals or do not eat carbohydrates for example, your body shifts into a starvation mode to protect the body because it believes there is not enough food around (thank our ancestral adaptations for that). In a mode of starvation, very little or no fat is burned, but mostly muscle is lost. Our bodies use up the protein in our bodies as a direct form of energy to compensate for the lack of eating. Conversely, when you eat frequently throughout the day your body will constantly burn fat as fuel. The calorie shifting diet takes into consideration this and another factor, which is tricking your metabolism.

By creating an environment where you are eating at least 4 meals a day and of varying caloric levels, your body is manipulated into burning fat all the time. A fluctuation between high calorie and low calorie meals will be combined for the maximum benefit of weight loss for your body. While I was researching for a calorie shifting diet book, I found that one of the most popular calorie shifting diets on the market allows you to have 3 cheat days after an 11 day weight loss cycle where you are allowed to eat anything you want!


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