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  1. superstar3036

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  3. Raju S

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  4. laharan filipa

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  5. katsrayoflight

    even on Raw, juice fast it still takes a loooong time to loose weight if one is morbidly obese.. Joe Cross took 30 days to loose weight, (the bulk of it0 , but still drank only juice for much longer… "On any diet" it is going to take a while…

  6. nephilem82

    This is a very nice representation of what just a few changes in diet can do for people. I now it's not put in the description, but most of these before and after photos looks like 30 day changes. If I'm wrong, so be it. But from someone who adopted into the Paleo solution, I bet these people also feel better and have more energy throughout their day. I know I do.

  7. DIYGal1

    Awesome !! 🙂

    I've just posted my [feeble] attempt at the same topic i.e. Paleo Before-After Pics, as a video response. I'm kinda new to YouTube and don't know for sure how the video response thingie works, but here is my vid: youtube.com/watch?v=rUX4us1yJ-A

  8. Sheril back 2 back

    @torfkgi i am a personal trainer and out of all the popular diets at the moment the Paleo diet has been the most beneficial to my clients that being said there is often not enough time, thats why I cant recommend the Paleo recipe book more it helps you plan out a complete Paleo diet and has enough variety to stay tasty have a look >> bit.ly/JgeHVp?=wrdbp

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