Advice On The Benefits Of Green Tea Extract


There are so many benefits in the use of green tea extract. This has been long used by Chinese medicine to treat a myriad of conditions, such as aiding in digestion as well as simply improving life expectancy and the feeling of well being.

In China, there are many provinces that are home to green tea extract. One of the most famous teas is Xi Hu Longjing. Longjing is a renowned tea from Hangzhou. The name means "dragon" in Chinese. This green tea extract is pan fried with a flat appearance.

Another popular tea from China is Hui Ming. This green tea is named after a temple that can be found in Zhejiang. Kaihua County is home to Long Ding which is also known as Dragon Mountain. There are many popular types from which extract is made.

In Japan, it is known as ocha. In Japan they are graded on the parts of the plant and the quality that is used. The best extract in Japan is said to be found in Kyoto, which is in the Uji region. Another very famous area is the Shizuoka Prefecture.

When you add the extract to your diet, whether in supplement form or liquid, you can benefit from the antioxidant called EGCG that is contained in the extract. It is said that this substance has more than two hundred times the potency of vitamin E in the fight against pro-oxidants and free radicals. This antioxidant is abundant and is said to protect you against any type of respiratory infection and digestive problems, and can also block the carcinogenic action that promotes cancer cells. It may even help to lower your cholesterol.

Green tea extract is also said to treat such conditions as headaches and depression. This has long been a favorite of our ancestral herbalists in early medicinal use. It has proved to be useful when you are trying to boost your immune system when cold and flu season rolls around. Other benefits to drinking extract are that it has been found to prevent esophageal cancer in those who drank it on a regular basis. Those who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis are said to benefit from taking this as well those with cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer.

Going to the health food store or researching green tea extract online is a great way for you to find a product that can aid you in losing weight and keeping your body healthy, happy and in peak condition.


Source by Caroline Bourke

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