Why You Must Avoid Acidic Foods


The foods and drink listed below are classified as low acid forming foods according to the Alkaline Diet chart. Alcohol, chard, plum, farina, all kinds of white meat, elk, lamb, spelt, game mear, wheat, lima beans, teff, jimm foods, kamut, farina, semolina, brown rice, white rice, cow milk, soya seeds and soya milk, balsamic vinegar, milk, seitan, pinto beans, aduki beans, tofu, navy beans, white beans, shell fish, mutton, black tea, vanilla, boar, mollusks, buckwheat, nuts, organic nuts, almond oil, safflower , soy cheese, aged cheese, tomatoes, green beans, black beans, red beans, sesame oil, almond oil.

Moderately Acid Forming Foods According to the Alkaline Diet Chart

The below mentioned food are moderately acid forming foods. Coffee, cranberry, red juices, pecans, squid, maize, kernel oil, chestnut oil, corn, casein, milk protein, soy milk, lard, oat bran, chicken, green peas, peanuts, peanut oil, pomegranate, barley groats, nutmeg , pistachios, garbanzo beans, pork, red meat, sea foods, mussels, rye, legumes, veal. Once consumed they form acid on digestion but in moderate amount.

Highly Acid Forming foods

The most harmful foods are the once which form high amount of acid after consumption. This food type are most unhealthy and should be avoided. Most of them are the ones with high artificial sugar content and various other additives. Pudding, fried foods, all types of walnuts, jam, sweeteners, beer, cola, walnuts, hazelnuts, table salt, all types of ice cream, soybean, beef, hops, malt, soft drinks, vinegar, processed cheese, lobster, sugar , barley, cottonseed oil, pheasant fall into this category.

A Lactose Free Diet Plan is advisable for person suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If your digestive system finds it difficult to digest lactose which is the milk sugar then using this very same type of a diet can be very beneficial.

In our body there is an enzyme (protein) called Lactase and it's function is to break down the Lactose so that it gets into the bloodstream after the digestion is complete in the digestive tract. If the lactose taken in the food can not be broken down and does not get into the internal blood stream then it can easily go on and build up in the large intestine and cause discomfort leading to nausea, bloating, cramps, flatulence, diarrhea. You will feel these terrible discomfort usually 60 minutes after eating the food which contains lactose and is not digested. Also the symptoms one will get will depend on a person's tolerance to lactose. This type of problem is known as Lactose Intolerance.


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