Why Do I Have So Much Gas – The Number 1 Cause For Having Lots of Intestinal Gas


You may be very surprised as to what I'm going to say in this article regarding the question "why do I have so much gas" as it might not be what you suspect at all. In addition to this I'll provide 2 necessary changes you must make to begin reducing gas immediately as well as going into detail about the # 1 cause and what you can do to never suffer from it again. Once you get rid of this your gas will be gone for life!

What 2 Things You Must Do in Order to Put a Plug on Intestinal Gas!

1. Take a Probiotic: This beneficial bacteria will help reduce gas in the intestinal tract while improving digestion as a whole. It's critical in the case of chronic gas due to candida overgrowth.

2. Get the Bowel Moving: If you do not poop at least 2 times per day in a good amount then it's just sitting inside of your putrefying and fermenting. Do you really want that? If not get those bowels moving with some cascara & fiber shakes daily.

The Root Cause of Chronic Digestive Problems

It's always candida, in one form or another. What's candida you ask? It's a fungal growth that exists in an estimated 85% -95% of the population which can cause devastating health problems. The first of which to occur involve fatigue, low energy and digestive problems. This can progress to allergies appearing out of no where, severe digestive problems & dangerous diseases being able to develop. Most notably cancer, which has a direct developmental connection to candida growth in the body. In fact in one study every cancer patient tested also had candida in all of the cancerous tissues.

Bottom line is clear your bowel, clear out the candida using safe natural therapies and stop the gas and all other chronic health problems you may be experiencing.


Source by Jessica D Dale

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