Whole Food Dieting – How to Have Lasting Success with Whole Food Dieting


The key to lasting success with whole food dieting is to develop personal trust about having the ability to make a permanent change. Then you must seek to understand the dynamics of how you change and what leads to personal success. Can you clearly imagine seeing yourself having an explorative adventure with food? Forget about results in 30 days. Can you imagine a sleek healthy slender body for the rest of your life, and you experiencing the best health as you age?

To get to this point, you might have to think about new menus with exciting new foods to make you and your grateful body feels special. But can you suspend your present eating habits in order to give this idea a permanent place in your life? For instance, everyone thinks of spinach as a diet food …. However, I served calllaloo, a Caribbean soup made with spinach and ochre to my dinner guest last week. Of course, I added herbs like rosemary and thyme to boost flavor. I also served it with crab cakes made with claw crab meat; and one of my grateful guests sent me a note thanking me for the exciting gastronomic experience. This is the kind of gratitude your body will feel just because you decided to make a whole food dieting change.

Be cautious of recipes that have you preparing your whole food diet with ingredients that are known to be detrimental to your health, like excessive saturated fat and sugar. Do read recipes and look at TV shows like 'Napa Style' or 'Reservations Required' to cement your appreciation for fresh whole food. This will lift your spirit and help you see the possibilities of control of your own destiny, delight and direction where food is concerned …

Think in terms of doing something extraordinary for your body, like boosting your immune system. Then go out and develop a snacking habit with nuts with names like Brazilian and seeds like flax and pumpkin that have properties that will make you declare the extinction of your fear of cancer. Then your race for the cure will be to your favorite whole food store …. This can take you clear out of the path of developing cancer or any other immune dysfunction that happens as you age. You will also be supporting your quest for whole food dieting.

Take a whole food dieting cooking class and get over your fear of preparing dishes with fresh food. Avoid looking at TV shows that show competition with food or shows where the cooks are anxious or upset about the outcome of their actions. This just helps to seal in your mind that there is something difficult and daunting about adding ingredients to a pot and allowing the heat do its thing.

It also sets you in competition with your body instead of having concern and compassion for the overall experience of your new approach to your whole food dieting life.

With these simple approaches you will have more wisdom, (the wise use of knowledge), and less dilemma about making positive whole food dieting a way of life for you.


Source by Celia Westberry

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