Weight Loss Before and After 125 Lbs in 5 months

Do you want to learn how I lost weight and have kept if off for over 8 years now?

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Five years ago, I started my weight loss transformation and journey for a better life. In less than 5 ½ months, I lost 125 lbs. In the 4 ½ years to follow, not only did I completely transform my body, but something amazing happened; I became inspiration for dozens of people. Although I have come a long way, my journey has just begun. I am now dedicated to helping inspire and change the lives of as many people as I possibly can. I need your help. I’m building a community, WairaFit, A fitness community for the people by the people.

I’m looking for people who need help, and for people who can help me. If you’re passionate about finding a better way, and would like to join me, please contact me.

I would like to thank Petteri Sainio for licensing his track “A Kingdom to Come” to me.

The track can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/petterisainiocomposer/petteri-sainio-a-kingdom-to


21 Replies to “Weight Loss Before and After 125 Lbs in 5 months”

  1. Chara Bonilla

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  2. Kenil Almodovar

    this video inspired me to keep going without stopping what im starting right now, I want to see a change on my self, trying to find fun at exercise, doing it everyday, trying not to be lazy, controlling my appetite, and always have will power and achieve what I want

    but this video gave me more inspiration to exercise

    I'm 16
    weight 260

  3. Robert Prechter

    I'M GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD BY SHOWING MY SIX PACK !!!!!!!! I HAVE THE POWER !!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER SAIYAN !!!!!!! …..man, why can't anyone just lose weight and chill…"hey, i was fat, here's how i lost it….so what's good yo"….that's the way it should be instead of all these emo weight losers freaking out

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