Treating and Preventing Depression With the Paleo Diet


Depression is steadily affecting a growing number of people in western society. If you are one of those many people suffering from depression, read on to see how a change in diet could be just the thing you need.

Even though we should not think of current day medical treatments for depression as unnecessary, it is a proven fact that our society has been overwhelmed by advertising of thousands of pills that allegedly help deal with or even cure depression. Many of these do not handle the root cause of depression, and simply put you in a state of drowsiness.

When suffering from depression, we often neglect our dietary needs and eat the wrong foods. In a lot of cases, people suffering from depression were eating wrong foods long before they started feeling depressed. Studies have shown that a correct diet that provides the body with energy and that reduces fatigue is often a first step to breaking the ongoing spiral of depression.

Not only does it provide the mind with a therapeutic exercise by encouraging us to take up healthy habits, the effect on the body gives us that feel good feeling that we're all after. This in turn motivates us even further to continue watching our diet, further strengthening our metabolism and allowing us to feel a lot more apt to deal with our society's demanding needs.

Of course, we should not just follow any diet. Depression can be seen as a state of total lack of mental energy. A correct diet should hence charge the body with the energy it needs to not only handle basic tasks, but also to step beyond that and provide the energy to undertake new challenges!

Research has shown that the Paleo diet may just be one of those diets that does the trick. Some underlying mechanisms of depression include pathophysiologic pathways such as:

a) Disrupted neurotransmitters metabolism
B) disrupted neuroendocrine function,
c) Disrupted neural plasticity.

The Paleo diet emphasizes a properly balanced fatty / acid ratio, which helps fight the root cause of these pathways. So what exactly is the Paleo diet? Basically, the paleo diet looks back at the way man ate in Palaeolithic times. Research has shown that the human genome has changed a mere 0.01% since Palaeolithic times. Our eating habits have however completely changed.

Followers of the paleo diet have reported increases in energy, libido, etc, in as little as two weeks simply by sticking to a few common sense principles. Sufferers of depression have reported great results after eating the paleo way, all without a single pill. So why not give this a try? A simple change in diet in exchange for a better life sounds like a good deal …


Source by Lisa Bartley

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