The Stone Age Diet – Living Like a Caveman Or Women


The caveman or paleo diet is becoming very popular and it lets us live like our great ancestors running around the wild hunting and foraging for our foods. A tough lifestyle that could easily leave you hungry if you failed to find any food.

The caveman diet has very simple principles and is not like any other diet you will ever try as it has not been designed by diet doctors or scientists it was invented by Mother Nature and in the wild it really has no rules and is about survival of the fittest.

The Stone Age diet food types are very simple to stick to and it basically involves eating anything you can grow or hunt. The foods include fruits, lean meat and fish and no man made processed or highly refined foods.

The exercise routine for this type of diet is not your regular gym workout which is great for people who do not enjoy the gym scene. The exercise involves running, jumping, climbing through the outdoors as if you were hunting or trying to gather food. Sometimes you would have to run for miles or search high mountains just to find some food and by re-enacting this you can burn weight, strengthen your heart and build muscles like a real caveman.

There are a few different varieties of the Stone Age diet and some are harder to stomach like eating huge raw steaks for lunch but it teaches sensible healthy eating habits and these changes can lead to healthy minds and bodies.


Source by Samantha Astin

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