The Pasta Diet


Dieting is a major industry, with so many different plans and programs for sale. However, by living a healthy lifestyle, you do not need to take drastic measures to lose weight and indeed, you do not need to splash out on any fad diet plan. In this article we will look at the traditional pasta diet, which is a healthy and safe way to lose weight gradually.

The pasta diet, as the name would suggest, focuses mainly on a diet of pasta in different combinations. As well as being very cheap and easy to make, this diet is also very healthy, and can give you the necessary energy to undertake exercise as part of a larger weight loss program. The basic premise is that by cutting down other foods, and increasing frequency of meals, you can increase and train metabolic rate to process calories more efficiently. Additionally, this means any exercise undertaken will be more calorie-heavy, which will ultimately burn more calories to lose weight.

It is suggested that one pound in weight equates to 3000 calories. This means by running through an excess deficiency if calories, you lose weight. It is a simple calculation – burning more calories will burn weight. In order to increase the amount of calories burned through exercise, it is vital to increase metabolic rate. By choosing 5 to 6 meals a day of a smaller overall portion size, you can keep your metabolic rate ticking which will ultimately burn more calories.

To lose weight on the pasta diet, you should prepare 5 to 6 pasta meals every day. A good guideline to follow is two generous fistfuls of pasta per person. Additionally, you should avoid adding sauces other than chopped tomatoes and cheese. These should create healthy meals, which encourage the metabolism to run through more calories which should additionally aid healthy weight loss.

Whilst on the pasta diet it is crucial to exercise regularly. Because pasta is high in carbohydrates, failure to burn off these calories can actually lead to increasing weight. However, by exercising regularly, you will notice fantastic results very quickly, which will lead to an overall improvement in your health and appearance, as well as reducing the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.

One of the most important things to remember during the course of any diet is to combine the specific requirements with a course of exercise. Only by combining the two will you see effective results which will last long term.


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