The Health Benefits of the Real Maple Syrup


The Master Cleanse, or lemonade diet calls for real maple syrup, and not the artificial flavored syrup. Have you ever wondered why? What benefits does maple syrup provide?

This syrup contains zinc and manganese, which are important allies of anti-oxidants. In addition, this syrup provides a range of health benefits such as these listed below:

· Boosts the immune system.

· Helps in reducing inflammation that aids in healing.

· Helps lower cholesterol

· Reduces atherosclerosis, or build-up of fatty tissues on artery walls.

· Assists in energy production.

In addition to the above, recent study shows that the syrup obtained from real maple tree is a good remedy for individuals who have high blood pressure. Study also shows that this syrup contains healing properties that assists in curing cancers and tumors.

The syrup is derived from the red and black maple trees. It comes in different grades that are determined by the darkness of the syrup, which reflects when the syrup was harvested from the tree. However, the grade or color does not reflect differences in nutritional quality. All grades of maple syrup contain the same nutrient levels and have the same health benefits. It is a common misnomer that the master cleanse recipe requires grade B maple syrup. However, according to the book, The Master Cleanser, any grade of real maple syrup is satisfactory.

If you think that this syrup is difficult to include in your diet, it is not. Since syrup derived from maple trees is a natural sweetener, you can easily include it in your daily diet and enjoy all the health benefits.


Source by Teresa Hei

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