Pros and Cons Of Low Carb Diets


Low carb diets revolve around cutting down on the intake of carbohydrate and increase the intake of fats and proteins. They are based on the dietary concept of using up reserves of fat content already present in the body. Before going in for these diets, it would be beneficial to know the pros and cons of using them.

For a limited period, low carb are very effective in losing weight. The dieters may however experience some minor side effects such as bad breath, muscle cramps or exhaustion. There may not be any adverse effects on health unless the individual is suffering from kidney disorders.

There are several reasons why low carb diets should not be followed over long periods of time. Many experts believe that there is significant risk of heart attacks in individuals who are on low carb diets for a long time. Low carb dieters tend to eat a lot of saturated fat. Many theorize this is bad for the heart and due to the increased cholesterol levels, the risk of heart attacks increases.

The advantages of low carb diets are that they involve avoidance of empty calorie foods such as sweet tea, chips and soda. Of course, these are items any dieter would do well to avoid, and cutting out snack foods is not exclusive to the low carb diet trend.

Some studies have indicated the effect of low carb diets on the behavior of dieters. A famous low carb diet limits carb intake to 20 grams per day even though experts recommend a minimum of 150 grams per day to help support the normal functions of the brain.

Health experts are of the opinion that it is unnecessary to cut down on one group of food to reduce weight. All types of food consumed in moderation and small portions help in maintaining good health. Calories can be burned by keeping up an active lifestyle and making exercise an essential part of health regime.


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