Paleo Recipes – How to Make Mug Cake

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In this video, we make a chocolate cake that is both gluten-free and requires no time in the oven! The secret ingredient here is coconut flour. The cake is mixed directly inside a mug and then cooked it in the microwave. Fast, easy, and satisfying!

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21 Replies to “Paleo Recipes – How to Make Mug Cake”

  1. shadow love

    I have a problem look frist i was not having egg i try without the egg it came out little rough but amazing today i try with the egg and it came out like jello plz help my grandparents are coming our i have to make this for them

  2. Unicron4ever

    Chocolate didn't exist during the Paleolithic, cocoa started being used by the Olmecs around 2000 BC and it was invented in its "solid" form in 1847.

    Also, why do people want to eat the diet people were using when life expectancy was 30 or less???

    Nice recipe, though.

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